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I Was Thinking About This ..

Over lunch. I thought that this would be kind of fun and maybe weird (for some of you). Something different and somewhat of a quick read. I would love to know what at least one weird thing is that you keep in your desk drawer. No desk?? No Problem.. How about in your wallet, bag or purse? Maybe just in your pocket? I set out to look into the depths of my desk drawers and dig around. If I had a desk like above, I may never know what lurks around until I mowed it! hehehe..

Source Not my desk, but kind of wish it was.. until the sprinklers come on :-/

I scavenged through them until I found it. But what is it???

I am thinking that ..

Maybe a few if not more know exactly what it is I found, by just looking at the intro picture. I found not one, but two smashed US Pennies. Where did I get these? I really have no silly clue. Probably found them near a set of railroad tracks is what I'm thinking. They were definitely squashed by a train while sitting on the rails. Have any of you done this as kids? I know I have.. although I am sure that is unlawful to do.. destroying government issued money. But what is the statute of limitations on such an act? I did it when I was 8 or 9. hahaha. Either way and however I came to have these in my possession, I have them now tucked away in the dreadfully dark and somewhat creepy depths of my top desk drawer. There they shall stay until possible discovered years from now by some other poor sucker, wondering how they got there.

I don't know much about them ..

Other than they are, i mean were.. Pennies. The one still has some recognizable features; You can barely make out Lincolns head. The other not so much, but it looks a lot cleaner!! lol.


I included a undamaged cent so you can get an idea of how smooshed out they got after a whatever TON locomotive ran them over.

What does an average train weigh? I had to look it up (google it) and the all mighty internet says ...

The larger high horsepower 4 axle units like GP 60 or dash 8 b weigh 299,000 and the big 6 axle road units like SD 70, dash 9 c, AC- 4400, weigh between 389,000 pounds to 400,000 pounds (a full 200 tons) and some are even heavier at 422,000 to 435,000 pounds.

Hope you know what they are talking about. I sure don't.

Here we go, I'll lay that bad boy up on top to give you another perspective..

I'll even hold it from the side so you can see how paper thin it was rolled out to be..

There is a very small edge still left on the one side of it. It must have been slightly off of the track for that to have happened.Good thing I trimmed my fingernails! This could have been an embarrassing blog post at this point. I am rubbing the sweat off my brow right about now ;-D

Here are two more shots of the back sides of the two pennies. You can barely make out the Lincoln Memorial on the one and the other you could possible use as a mirror .. say if you were desperate and were in need. haha.. I can see a few words there too, but can't really make out what they say. I think I could take a pretty good educated guess though. (wink wink)


I am now going to put myself out of misery and end this post rant about the weird thing in my desk drawer. At least before I start to look weird.. oh crap.. may be too late :-/

I will leave you with something else I just found that may or may not excite you..


Why YES! It is a Hershey's Kiss


And It didn't last long :-P yummy..


Thanks for sticking around to read this far! Hope to see you again soon.. and remember to tell me about the weird thing you have hiding out wherever. If it's too weird then lets maybe not say anything ;-}

Thank you for swinging by my blog and checking out the post. Have a great day!


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I would guess the Hershey Kiss was not in the drawer to long, after all it still looked like chocolate. I once found an old Hershey Kiss in a drawer, I don't know how old it was, but all the sugar had apparently tried to escape and ended up crystallized to the outside of the Kiss, leaving the kiss almost all white looking. Needless to say, I did not eat the kiss.

HAHAHAHAhahahaha.. You made me laugh. I needed that laugh :-D


Good idea not to eat it. Mine was only from Christmas.. came with some cookies. Thanks for the support!

  ·  10 days ago (edited)

What is considered "weird"? I also have an old coin somewhere. Maybe 1 Euro cent.
I also do not have any idea how I got that. We have not even used Euro so far.
At least the majority of the people in my country (Hungary). Nowadays most of the people in Hungary are using Hungarian Forint (HUF).
We are EU member since 2004. I do not know when the Euro will be applied countrywide (instead of HUF) in my country. Maybe never.

I can't even Imagine what a pain in the butt that must be. Hang on to that Euro! You know, I never gave it much thought to what is considered "weird". What's weird to me may not be to someone else. I suppose anything that you would not expect to find in a desk drawer.. like a cooking spatula or Harry Potter wand. Now that I am thinking about it.. anything found could be not that weird.. maybe just unexpected, like a Euro!

  ·  9 days ago (edited)

Now I imagined that you find a Harry Potter wand in your desk drawer, and you go out into the streets, pointing the wand to people, and shouting "Avada Kedavra" or something like that. Hahaha! :D

:-D Hahahahahah.. Absolutely!

We have a shared desk policy since 2 years ago. No drawer any more. No weird stuff. I miss my drawer. Feels bad man :(

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Your kidding.. That sucks :-( So I guess they don't want any personal things like picture around either? I hate shared desk space plans.. they suck.

Shared desk policy?
That must mean there is no secrets either. :D

I grew up in the foothills of Appalachia. It was good fun for us kids to put pennies on the rails of train tracks, watch the trains run over them, and go retrieve the pennies as soon as the train was gone. That's what you've got there.
I have three rolodexes in my desk. A lifetime of numbers and addresses, many of which I do not remember at all. But leafing through them reminds me of people I had completely forgotten and my heart is charmed, so I can't bring myself to throw any of those little cards away. I try now and then to cull them down to just one, but I just can not do it.

Oh so I go back to actually read the post and I see you already knew that!
I did it often as a kid, there was little else for kids to do in my neck of the woods until we were old enough to drive, and then we drove around. A lot.

"foothills of Appalachia" .. So you grew up on the East coast somewhere too?! cool!! I grew up not far from where I live now. Not the foot hills, but within driving distance. I spent a lot of time in central PA with cousins, and remember the trains that came along the side of the mountains. Some of those went on forever! Especially when they were moving coal.

Rolodex.. hmmmm.. A few people I still do business with use them. flip flip flip. They are they same people that don't do email very well or don't have a smart phone. Thant's awesome. Don't toss it!! Your right though. It's like a little memory file.

YOU DIDN'T READ MY WHOLE POST FIRST!!!! HAHAHAhahahahah.. I like you.. your funny and very honest. lol. Thanks for checking it out and for the nice comment. Looking like a little snow here, then rain today. Hope you have an awesome rest of your day! Maybe go for a drive.. hehe.

I'm from the southern tier of NYS, Alleghany County.
After being Uber Mom for twenty years, I drive as little as I possibly can now unless I go back to Alleghany County. Then I make sure I get a good long drive around the beautiful hills and countryside in.
I'm glad you like me. I like you too.

Oh cool! It's so beautiful up there. After 20 some years.. I can imagine your done carting yourself and anyone else around.