Poverty is not an excuse: He change what do we

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Many people use as an excuse the poverty, not realize that progress in their lives, they will if they are seeking. 

The poverty is one of them big evils, that has affected our societies, in she is cultivated them worst vices, that a person can imagine, the lack of education and of good modal, unfortunately is a situation that has gone worsening along them years, million of people in the world, is bed without eating none food, which it consider serious still have not really the work necessary to eradicate it, arguably, it is a pending task. 

Usually them people that live in the poverty, are conformist with your situation, not make nothing for change it form of life, in which live, although not is only that, is an accumulation of factors, that lead to that State social, because am safe that to nobody you would like to live of so bad way, the poverty not is symbol of people ignorant , as many times could think, but if think that them people that is located there, many times not make it necessary by change that situation, his idea is nothing more survive all those days. 

We know very well, that one of the worst vices of poverty, crime, but I think that it is part of the problem, because people are poor, does not mean that they have to behave as such, that I mean this specifically, there is a lack of education among poor households, I do not mean to schools no, I mean, the teachings of the fathers, when a young child is taught or notes to their parents with bad manners, or stealing something that is not theirs, the child copy it, the brain of children are like a sponge, absorbing what they see or they say, and this kind of problem happens much. 

I see as people living in poverty, they victimize, and when asked, would you have done your to change that situation?, the answer in a large percentage, is that they have done nothing, eye, not all poor people have that mindset, there are many workers who make it nearly impossible to bring the food to their homes, people who are fighting to the end , and that in some way or another have not been lucky, but enough of always excuse ourselves for being poor, so really they move, they are those who have the desire and action to change their lives, many times we criticize our rulers, but we are always hoping that they give us everything, nothing in this life is achieved without effort, absolutely nothing!. 

A child is not guilty of being born in poverty, our children are a blank book, they are image and likeness, of what we teach you, the child is born without any Vice, children are the purest that exist, their innocence is wonderful, never they work badly, at least their parents teach it is, that I want to get poverty is not only material, but also mental, that is why I believe from my humble opinion, that parents have much to see in the growth of their children, and are the first who should give the good example. 

And speak of them children, because us are responsible, of that they are best that us, are the future of our societies, and the poverty not means, that they not can live best in the future, not you teach to be conformists, to the poverty is it only that there are, that not exists alternative possible, and say all this because always it hear , and I'm tired of hearing it, poverty should be a motivation to get out of it, but it seems that not everyone is willing to do so, and that is a big problem. 

Hope that les has liked, I would like your opinions on this theme. 

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It is the children who have the answers. If we were to listen to them and honor their paths instead of pushing our limited and jaded perspectives upon them, I believe the entire world would change. Thank you for the post. I am grateful there are people out here like you questioning and raising awareness. Blessings to you @luisucv34.

Very good! It cost $0.00 to be a good moral, and kind person.

Cool picture, amazing