Did you forget to invest in pot coin because you got high?

in potcoin •  3 months ago

Like that Afroman song "because I got high" you may be thinking to yourself right now, why didn't I buy Potcoin? Well, the answer is simple. Who the hell saw that one taking off? Just a week ago it was 2 cents each and falling like a rock. Now it has done an astonishing rebound and doubled in price to 4 cents each coin. That is pretty good but it is not showing any signs of going and taking a nap any time soon. Someone must have laced this latest round of POT with some PCP or bathsalts because this shit is going crazy. Hide yo kids, hide your wives because pot is going nuts!!!!

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lol Dope's gonna be higher than Doge :P


Lol, I gotta check it out then.


I like #Dopecoin too; that's sort of the challenge for 'them' in this space, at this time; specifically the niche they are all attacking; along with so many other cannabis crypto coins -

It probably went op so much because pot stocks are doing well right now and there is kind of a correlation between potcoin and pot stocks.