Long Time No Post

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How's Things ? Everyone

I know have not been blogging for a few weeks due to mind has been on other things such as my health. I have still kept and eye on the Crypto Space .

What's been happening in the Crypto Space ?

Its feel this balloon at the minute let down. It just has had all the steem taken out it. Very frustrating.

When will it turn who knows ?

Its just been a very disappointing few months with these low prices that no one wants. We need to get north of $10,000 again fro bit Coin hopefully as soon as possible.

P.S I Need Higher Prices for a new computer cause I Spilled water on my old on haha

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I have some health info on my website. Not sure if it would help or not. Do you eat real healthy? Try not to eat refined sugar.
I guess EOS just launched.
I think people may be cashing out of Bitcoin. That could be goof for Ethereum.

Great to have you back man @newmarket65. ☺ I am good. what about you? Long time no see.

It is always good to take a break to get back with the batteries recharged, it hurts everything has been going down hopefully this will recover soon too

I miss your posts, i hope that the btc return at his price.

Welcome back , i hope that you are well now , everyone is waiting what's will happen in the market.

Oh, i hope your health is on track now and you are once again ready for the Crypto race and yes the market is not boosting us but this is the time of HODL and i hope that you will soon replace the damage computer stuff with new one. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Your post is very beautiful You post many days I saw that if you were good enough to post a little sooner you would have been very happy to have a HD media, who is very frustrating when you know who gets saved, and the pictures that are so beautiful like water on the computer Thank you very much

Welcome bro...
Top all crypto are now freefall..@newmarket65

Welcome back sir @newmarket65

Welcome back sir @newmarket65 after a long time. I think very soon bitcoin will be 10k above. We are also waiting for the crypto rising.

It's good to have you back a few days ago I was wondering about you since I did not see you here, worse if waiting for this to go up little by little


Yeah its needs to go back up hopefully in the second half of the year

great post

that good! I am happy with your recovery, greetings and much success