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Here are the rules in this link below:


Positive Challenge Post for 5 FREE STEEM

The people that know me understand my "thirds rule strategy" which can now be searched on Google.

Take your basket and divide them into 3

That way if one of your 1/3 basket is a loss, you want be left with nothing.

Using this strategy to save and invest has more Positive results.

Anyways, that's my short Positive 3cents for the day.


P.S. Buy in thirds and Sell in thirds. Thank me later!

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Intresting . No idea how this is positive heheh , but sending you some steem for the good advise !


I feel less negative and less stressful knowing that all my resources are NOT in ONE basket. That gives me a POSITIVE felling and a carefree mentality to continue to learn and grow each and everyday.

Much appreciated @patelincho



Ohh i see for you happines and stay positive is security . Nod bad at all . And you are welcome !


It is NOT just for my happiness...my Family, Friends, and Community. Imagine being ENCIRCLED with positivity daily. Fewer losses if any and mostly gains. Hopefully this will give others the same security.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Best regards,

I upvoted this in lieu of upvoting your profile, lol! (takes the offered bucket of popcorn and noms away)