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Hello, Steemians

As I had said in previous post's, I have more time available, unfortunately not for the best reasons !!

It was so fast, after 15 days of vacation I went to work and that same day I began to feel an unbearable pain above the stomach, I did not sleep and in the middle of the night I had to call my parents to take me to the hospital emergency room.


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After analysis with very bad values and an ultrasound, stones were detected in the gallbladder; one of these stones blocked a pancreas pathway causing a pancreatitis that apparently can be Fatal.


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From then on I started to be scared, I was hospitalized for 4 days (I had never slept in a hospital), without eating and drinking only medication, not to stimulate the gallbladder and wait for the pancreas to stabilize.



Stabilize ... to return the following week for surgery, to remove the gallbladder, I even faced it with some serenity, but with a lot of doubts. apparently surgery is very common, and we can live without a gallbladder just by changing some eating habits.

The operation went well, I woke up a bit stoned from anesthesia :) I gave high five to all surgeons and nurses. :)
The recovery is a bit complicated, I still have some pain and I can not make any effort, I miss having my daughter on my lap

Apparently I will spend a season at home, so I have more availability for Steemit.
My big thank you to my princess (@helgapn) for the patience and availability, it has helped me a lot to eat healthy, it is not easy to bend a person with very bad eating habits, few meals a day, too much fat too much salt, overeating ... it's all over :)



Lots of healthy food, chicken breast with vegetables, octopus with potatoes, etc; It's now that I'm going to lose weight, by the way, it's already been 4 kilos.

*** Good week my friends ... and beware of fats! ***


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