Wow it's Hot! - Trying to Beat the Heat in North Thailand

in portraitphotography •  2 years ago  (edited)

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The heat in North Thailand is through the roof right now. It at times is reaching near 40 degrees. I have been helping my mom and my sister with their businesses and although I am happy to be able to do it, I am feeling like an egg in a pot from the heat.

The best thing to do at these times is to not think about it and just focus on those times when you can get to a pool in the near future (not going to happen for me for a while though). In the meantime I will continue to look cool and grab myself a cool drink every time I can.

Is it hot where you are right now? And if so, what are you doing to cool off?

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Hey. I can truly relate. It is really hot in Bangkok right now too. I think we are about to break some records here. Stay cool if you can and drink lots of liquids.

Thank you. I liv in Bangkok but am here helping my mom and family. I will be here for some time and it is tough getting used to the type of heat we have here. Not like in Bangkok. Takes getting used to. Great to chat with you and also you keep cool too.