Black and white self portrait from recent /current series

A little bit about this picture

This photo is from a series I am always working on. I suffer from PTSD from experiencing extreme violence for over 10 years. Every morning I wake up and think "I don't think I can face today". So in this series I explore those feelings. I take the photos while I am doing my usual morning routine. I act for the camera, it is my silent partner that I can trust to help me explore and deal with my most intimate emotions. I know the camera can not judge me, I can let myself go with out restraint. I treat the sun as my spotlight and life is the stage.
In this piece I am showing a realisation that I need to face each day as the actor does as they approach the stage, the stage is lit and the audience awaits. "The show must go on."
I would love to hear what you think of this piece and what interpretation you have?

The show must go on

This photo was taken in october 2017. I am pretty sure I used my iphone 7 and edited with PicsArt.
I can not afford a fancy SLR (I would love one!) but I also use "Fujifilm FinePix S2980" and "Olympus TG-360".
If you are interested in my creative process you can check out my post called A little bit about me and my creative process creating photos
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When a talented person shares, they are not only sharing the work of art itself; a good photo, for instance, reaches in and touches the heart. Sometimes it is the key that unlocks the heart and pain hidden away is released, freeing the viewer to the possibility of starting over again or, to opening their wings and flying high.

I bet you love the positive comments about your talent, but I think the one comment that will touch you the deepest is when a lonely sufferer tells you that your art shattered the locks they placed and opened them to life again.

I hope it happens many times in your life - but, at least once. I tell you, such a moment sucks your spirit out of you and sends you dancing among the stars.


Oh my! what beautiful words you have. I'm not sure what to say as I don't have such beautiful words. I can honestly say your comment has really touched me. Everything you have said is true.....yet I don't think I was completely aware of it. I want to transform my negative experiences into something relatable, sometimes beautiful. I hope that I express myself well enough that I can reach the viewer in a way that makes them feel something special. You have left me with much to ponder. A great comment that will help me grow as an artist...THANK YOU!!!!! You are very sweet and like I said have beautiful words, you must be a writer...I will have to visit your blog and see :-)

"The best camera is the one that's with you." - Chase Jarvis
I say this all the time, because it's so true. The picture is fantastic, for what it is trying to capture. I think anyone who has ever been on stage for the first time, or maybe who feels that type of pressure, can relate to this photo! Keep it up!


Thank you for the nice comment! I totally agree, I do a lot of set up photography with my digital cameras but I ALWAYS have my phone with me so I turn to it when I am inspired in the moment or something catches my eye.

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A very beautiful photo of my best friend


Thank you for the lovely comment :-)


Your welcome

Reminds me of a Hollywood pic 📸 good stuff - its #art.

Thanks for reaching our @pixleminx!

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I think it's a very powerful image. I really like your your tonal contrasts. It is reminiscent of film noir. I really enjoy seeing your work and reading about your journey. And speaking as one with all the fancy photography equipment, it is not the equipment that makes a great photo, it is the photographer and their vision. You have everything your need!


Hey! Thank you so much for such lovely words, I am really pleased you have enjoyed my work so far. I was definitely going for a noir feel as I think it strongly supports my theme, its cool you picked up on that. Nice comments like these really motivate me to keep sharing :-)

Very nice portrait!!! Compliment!


Thank you! :-)


You're welcome:-))))