My entry for Portrait Contest "Golden Hour"

in portraitcontest •  last year  (edited)

This is my entry for a portrait contest run by @portraitcontest!

This photo is bit older, I just checked my past work and realised that I'm not doing too much shoots exactly in Golden Hour. I try to work around that hour, but eventually I end up with shoots before that hour. Biggest problem for me is that buildings in the city are quite high and just drops too much shadow. It's not the case on this photo, as the place you see below is on a small hill and pointing west - so perfect place for Golden Hour shoot. Unfortunately it's closed for normal people so we have to get there with Milena trough a fence. I think it was worth it :)


Done using Canon 5d mk II + Canon 85mm 1.8

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good take ,man

Thanks man, I appreciate you liked it! :)