Portrait Photograhy: Kids on the Loose

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I only get to be with my family probably once a year when I go back home to the Philippines. Unfortunately, I was not able to go home last year. The last time I saw them was last 2016 during Christmas Holiday. The wonderful thing that happened that time is we went on a week long road trip with the whole family. During this trip, I was able to spend more time with them which made my vacation worth while. I specially enjoyed my time with my two nephews but both of them are so hyperactive and it was so hard to keep up.

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This is Lucas. He is almost 3 years old now but when this photo was taken he was just around 1 and half years old. He is very fond with cameras. It seems like he is born to be a model or celebrity. I feel like he is always ready to be in front of camera. LOL If you tell him to smile, he smiles instantly. When we went to Camp John Hay in Baguio City, one of the must see places there is the Bell House and its Amphitheatre. While the adults were just surveying the area, there was Lucas running around the ground with a big smile on his face. This picture was the fruit of my labor from chasing after him. His smile in this picture is very charming and contagious. And I am very satisfied with how it came out.


Fujifilm X-A2 | F/8.0 | 1/150 sec | ISO - 200 | 23.20 mm

On the other hand, here is Juan. He is now turning 5 years old this May so that makes him 3 and a half years old when I took this photo. While Lucas loves to be photographed, Juan doesn't. Well, not at all times. It will really depend on his mood. It's also very hard to get a proper smile from him when in front of the camera because he loves to play around. He either gives you a goofy face or just don't stay still. But one day, I got lucky. On our way to Cape Bojeador Lighthouse in Ilocos, walking the empty road I wanted to do a jump shot so I ask my sister-in-law to take a photo of me jumping but I guess he got envious and wanted to do one too. So I asked him to jump at the count of three and took his photo. To my surprise, he jumped perfectly on time and this was just one take. Though his face looks funny, he is still so cute.


Fujifilm X-A2 | F/8.0 | 1/160 sec | ISO - 400 | 16.00 mm

These two are my favorite people in the world. They are just my happy pill and my source of happiness.

See you on the next one



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