Steemit Portrait Photography Contest week #48

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Yay I made it to the last day of entry!

Here are my entries for this week’s theme: “Framed”

The judge is no other than @axeman 🤟🏻

Subject: “Tamahome”




Used iPhone 6s for the photo.

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” – by John Wooden


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I am in love with your work .. beautiful ..

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Thank you so much for the support!!! 🤗

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Wow hindi mexede pinaghandaan! Hahahaha i like the first frame!!

But i love it all because they are in black and white! 😍

Ginagalingan mo na tlga sister!!

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Hahaha edit pa more! Uy check my dm! Hahaha

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Such beautiful photos! The first one is my favorite!


That’s my fave too! Thank you!!! ❤️❤️

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@pixresteemer thank you so much!!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗

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Wowwww! Beautiful portrait ❤😊❤ I think you capture him so beautifully. boy looks amazing 👌 wel done twodorks; love your work my friend.


Waaaaaahhh!! Thank you for your kind words!!! ❤️😊🤗👋🏻

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What a precious child! Such big, beautiful eyes! 😊


Hi kitty 👋🏻 yes those big big eyes 👀 hehehe meow 😳

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Funny and beautiful! great pics!


Glad you like it!!! Heheh thanks!

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I like the way you framed the subject with natural lines.


Thank you!! 💕

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i absolutely LOVE the way you take photos - you and your sis! you both have such an artsy eye!!!! :)

that first shot is FABULOUS! WHAT a great idea!!!! hehehe do you just see these things right away??? or do you plan them!

either way - i love them all! (and the boys - soooooooo beautiful!!!)


It actually depends. Sometimes you just keep taking photos and hoping that there’s some that might turn out good.
But mostly when I need a photo for my IG & STEEMIT (for contest purposes) I have to plan the photoshoot.

I’m not a pro I don’t even know how to use my camera. 😅 or you know what just force your kids to SMILE! That works for me. 🤣😂

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LOLOLOL i'm sure that makes them SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy hhahahahahaha

well - maybe that's the secret then? to being a good photographer... PATIENCE :)

Congratulations, @twodorks. Today's #monomad third place is yours. Thank You for participating!


Awww! Thank you! This made my day! ☺️

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Good luck! Is a beautiful portrait.