Steemit Portrait Photography Contest - Week 48 - Framed

in portraitcontest •  2 months ago

This is my first ever entry into @jasonrussell's Portrait contest with this weeks judge @axeman.
This particular 4 in 1 image was created while editing a single shot in Photoshop then deciding to bring in a second pic taken moments later. After a couple of hours of playing with the shots I ended up with this image. I guess you can say there are 5 frames that make up this one frame. Hopefully, it does not confuse you too much :)

Taken with Sony a6000
f/4 @ 1/160s ISO 400
16-50mm @24mm

Thanks for looking!




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Thank you for your contribution to the "pc-people" tag

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Woah, funky fresh. Resteemed!


Best way I can say thank you is to support your efforts as well. Cheers!


Best way I can say
Thank you is to support your
Efforts as well. Cheers!

                 - gansekirock

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

interesting. you made 2 good photos into one great :D


Thank you. I agree the whole is greater than the sum of its parts :)

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Nice light on his body, the four crop is a interesting idea.


Thank you. The 4 crop came from pushing my boundaries of what makes up a frame. I mentioned it took a couple hours but it actually was over a few hours and a couple of beers.

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Awesome work.

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