Portrait Contest Week 39. Silhouettes! Entry 3

in portraitcontest •  11 months ago 

The coastal steamer arrives at port at 01:30. The midnight sun serves as backlight. You feel pretty small in a kayak.

Tromsøya 2013 _MG_4777.CR2.png

Camera: Cannon 5D

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Outstanding photo @funkit and especially because you paddled which allowed you to capture the perspective from the water’s surface. Well done!


Finally someone who understands the perspective of practically being in the water. 10 points for an intelligent remark and the reason why I bring a $3 000 camera with me when capsizing is a real threat.


Haha! I get it @funkit!
If I had a nickel for every time my husband has warned me about using a tether so that my gear doesn’t end up in the drink...lol!
Nothing beats a water surface perspective.

The sky is looking very nice. Very nice picture u have taken dude

Excellent photography @funkit and background view is superb