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God'sPromises collide and you die.
it's that simple.
Ceren Nallıca

A few pictures for the @jasonrussell Portraitcontest !


Category Portrait Photography
Settings f2- 1/1000 -ISO 100
Camera CANON EOS 5D MARK 3– TAMRON 70-200 f2.8

A lot of people think that black and white photos or nostalgic or easy to escape. They're wrong. This is not the purpose of black and white in street photography. On the streets, if the magazine to magazine photo shoot if we do not, we can not control the colors, and this often leads to confusion in the photo. This distracts the photographer and prevents you from receiving the message you want to give. Always remember that word in such cases.
"Colors reveal people's clothes, but if they are black and white, their souls."
If you want to get down to the moment in the street photo and concentrate on the message you want to give, black and white photography will be your best choice. Things that are emphasized in street photography are often contradictions. The greater the contrast, the impact will be of the same size.

Ben Ceren ,

All photos , story and drawings are belongs to me. @originalcontent - @originalworks If you like my works please resteem and upvote.. Thank you for your support and valuable comments on my art.

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I do love a good black and white photo, this older gentleman looks as if hes still young at life and ready to take on any challenge that comes his way.

Nice photo, love it. Good details. Thanks for sharing!

To your question, the answer is yes! I like your work, of course!

"Her nefis ölümü tadacaktır. " fotoğraf'a bakınca bunu hatırladım... Teşekkürler paylaşım için @artizm

Awesome photography. Upvoted

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:)) thank you so much dear friend!

I've seen this picture before and I love it! :-)

Your words make me realize why I like black-and-white street photography so much. I had never really thought much about it before


aww. yes! :) I'm glad my friend thinking of it

This is amazing and makes me think of art films of the 30s and 40s.

Excellent, I like how you play with light to emphasize subject on your photos :)


thank you so much :)

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