Process of illustrating the pencil of the actor... Miles Heizer

in portrait •  8 months ago

Hello Steemit friends and art lovers

I want to show you on this occasion the portrait of a very young actor .. He is called Miles Heizer. This illustration, I have done it in 4 hours .. I have used only 2 types of semiprofessional pencils. I focused on making the actor's hair because of its brightness and this was the final result.

I show you the illustration process using a Gif


Do you want to see more painting done step by step by me? Visit my blog @ArgenisBoom.

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Do you want me to paint a portrait of your face? Contact me to my discord. User: Argenisboom

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You have a lot of talent. A really great talent. Will be looking forward for more of such masterpieces.


Thank you very much friend .. very good comment about my art.


No lierarily it is really good