Tesla will finally produce Nürburgring times

in porsche •  14 days ago 

Tesla has always bolstered the speed of its cars and truly has fast acceleration. But until it produces a laptime on the Nürburgring it cannot be taken seriously.


Porsche produces a 7:42 time with its newest Flagship a few days ago.

And finally Tesla reacts. Today Elon Musk taunted Porsche about the performance of their new car.


And finally announced that Model S would race on the fames racetrack.

The performance data of the S and Taycan are very close, although it looks like the Model S is just a tad faster.

However Porsche is used to building race cars and testing them on tracks, so given their home field advantage I wonder if Tesla can beat the time.

There are two things that will be a challenge for Tesla: the car is heavy and has a very limited top speed.

Fast Ice cars are about 1 minute faster than the taycan time. Ie. The porsche GT2 RS has 6:40 laptime.


I doubt Model S will be able to come close to that, but the real question is will it beat the 7:42 time of the taycan.

This will be an interesting thing to watch

Tesla staying ahead of Porsche would demonstrate technical superiority. It will also bring about a decent chunk of respect.

I am glad Tesla is finally producing this track time for the Model S but I think the Model 3 needs one as well.

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That Taycan is looking very noce though! Tesla needs to think about updating its design soon.

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This is going to be interesting. But I can not imagine that Tesla will beat Porsche’s time. But who knows.

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Get ready Porsche the new boss is coiming 💪

Interesting and showing the potential of electric cars 🚘! Great news for the future of the automobile industry.

Does that mean that Tesla's Model S will be better than 7:42 time of that of Porches?

That track road really looks like snake. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a python.

We will see. Given how close the performance is on paper I actually doubt it. I guess Porsche hs probably put it lots of energy of making their car a sports car.

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