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The nights were long and whilst you were waiting patiently or some of you impatiently behind the keyboard the Populous team was frantically working away to launch, and launch they did!


No, it wasn’t a rocket to da moon! Populous opened up the Invoice Discounting Platform for Live-Beta.

First Again!

Populous did it again! Populous became the first sell an invoice on the blockchain. See the tweets from Steve.

Steve Tweet 1.png

Steve Tweet 2.png

Steve Tweet 3.png

Breaking barriers with more to come. It is becoming the norm where Populous is concerned. Why lead from behind when you can be the one to be emulated!

Gremlins Coming Out to Play

What did you expect from a new startup about to take over the world, plain sailing from the word “Go?”


Gremlins were out in full force that day/evening/night trying to trip up the team. They caused some havoc but they were not as strong as the PPT community backing the team all the way.

Alas! The team emerged victorious from the gremlin’s concerted attack and buyers began to slowly appear on the scene to place their bids.

It’s Getting Real!

Many SME borders on failure or success, trying very hard to stay afloat. The success of Populous can determine their fate! Real businesses and the lives of real people behind these businesses are at stake.

They need finance and they need it now! With the help of you, the PPT hodlers, Populous can provide that short term relief. The stakes are high for the invoice sellers but for the invoice buyers on the Populous Invoice Discounting Platform, in my opinion, risks are minimal.

Do your part to ensure that all invoices are funded. Yes, the platform is new and untested; yes, there is still so much to learn about invoice financing and yes, there is still a learning curve on using the platform to overcome.

But don’t let these concerns hold you back. Get up to speed about all the things you do not know or those that you are uncertain about. Do some reading by starting here.

It is now getting real, very REAL!

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Am I Covered?

Here is another tweet that Steve and Populous have sent out but gone relatively un-noticed. Visit the Populous timeline and read the image file.

Steve Insurance Tweet.png

Do you understand the implications for Invoice Buyers and why it is my opinion that risks are minimial. Do you know who is providing the services stated in the image file.

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It’s That Simple

Learning to use a new platform can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating but the lucky few who were able to place a bid, reported that their experience was pleasurable and simple. What did they expect, after all, Populous had the populous in mind!

Still unsure what to do? Just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Deposit your PPT to your internal wallet address
  2. Securitise your PPT (i.e. Exchange for Pokens)
  3. Select the invoice you want to buy
  4. Decide if you want to buy the invoice individually outright or as part of a group
  5. Place you bid
  6. Adjust your bid if required by raising your bid
  7. Wait

If you have signed up but cannot yet bid you can still follow the action. Just log in and watch!

You just cannot go wrong! It’s as easy as pie!

What You Need to Know!

The invoices on the platform will have varying statuses throughout its life cycle and it is essential to know what they are. See the chart below for a quick overview of what you can expect.

Auction Status.png

Know the various stages and their implications, and use them to formulate your invoice buying strategy.

For example, you want to quickly win an invoice, then close out the auction as soon as possible. Leave it too long and another bidder/group may snipe “your” invoice.

A Populous article that may be of interest to you.
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In Conclusion

The journey to-date has been long with many ups and downs along the way. This is just the beginning of a new chapter with many more yet to be written. Although a real “live” invoice was sold on the Platform, the platform is still in Beta or otherwise called Live-Beta, do not expect this to be a smooth ride to the finish.

There will be glitches along the way and downtime which is necessary so do not be alarmed. It comes as part and parcel if you want to be part of the pioneering team.

Populous is the leader and taking the lead will only strengthen the platform capabilities and the team’s ability to overcome obstacles further down the road. Populous went through the gestation period, gave birth and now will go through growing pains.


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Should you have any questions concerning Populous you can ask Populous through Slack, Bitcointalk forum or Twitter Account for answers and clarifications.

However, do bear in mind that Populous are not financial advisers and cannot respond to questions that are of a financial nature. The onus is on you to make that determination and what it means for you as a PPT holder.

This is NOT Financial Advice

The contents in this article are for educational purpose only and should not be construed as financial advice. As usual do not invest more than you can afford to lose as these investments can go to zero and always do your own due diligence. If you need financial advice then speak to a licensed financial advisor.

Feel free to comment as you see fit below.

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Live Long and Prosper

I wrote this article myself and it expresses my own opinions. Computer literacy is crucial in this day and age, and just because someone tells you it is good, it does not mean that it is good for you.

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Great article lots of sources to read and catch up on. I think it may be time to pick up more PPT.


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