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Evil is an insidious cancer that festers within the human condition and if allowed sufficient darkness and secrecy will flourish and spread its tentacles throughout society.

That's a jolly thought, isn't it?

How about this then.

Our society is riddled with secrecy. An evil secrecy that nourishes under the table deals done in back rooms where nods, winks and metaphoric brown paper bags stuffed with cash are exchanged for silence, complicity or cold indifference.

How did we let that happen?

You could write a book about the mass delusion that our society suffers.

You could write another about our seeming reluctance to look under rugs that are bloodstained, misshapen and badly hidden.

Both of those books would not be complete without at least one chapter on the entertainment industry.

All of it – from Hollywood to popular music right through to video games.


Nero said that bread and circuses keep the masses happy, but he could never have envisaged a control mechanism like the entertainment industry – an industry that elevates individuals to demi-god status for some three minute masterpiece of mind-numbing pop/rap/techno/insert genre of your choice here while ignoring great musicians who could wipe the floor with the pretty living advertisement board that proclaims whatever toxic messages needed to drive division within our society. An industry that tells us what to think about everything from invading foreign countries to hurting other people's feelings right down to what type of burger to eat.

We lap it up.

Not intentionally, but not only do we absorb this ongoing programming of our psyche without question, we seek it out.

We want to know what the Demigods think about Gay marriage, President Trump, the refugee crisis, Gun control, Population control, Syria and everything else. Who gave them the gift of wisdom? Who said that their opinion even mattered?

We did – we allowed ourselves to be lulled into this semi-awake state of being where plastic people soothe us with feel-good messages of hope and change. We have allowed ourselves to distort the concept of cool into slick, consumerism when the original concept was something else entirely We satisfy ourselves with the fairy tale that our brand of democracy is a shining light of freedom. We don't want to know about the injustices or the devastation that our freedom and democracy campaigns bring, we want Cher, Eminem, Meryl Streep or some other mindless entertainment sycophant to package it up for us and tell us we're the good guys.

We have become addicted to our daily dose of fantasy – it is our addiction of choice, willingly supplied by our entertainment dealers. It appears benign but it masks a hideous evil that runs unchallenged throughout our society.

We have handed the autonomy of our own thought processes to a bunch of overpaid virtue signalling moderately talented plastic people and we seem to be OK with that.

The only thing a film stars opinion matters on is acting and half the time it doesn't matter then.

The only time a pop star should give us the benefit of their wisdom is on entertainment – I dare not say music, because I suspect most of them are on nodding terms at best with the concept.

Great art always has the power to change lives and to challenge the status quo.

The counterculture of the late sixties demonstrated the raw power of honest emotional art. It shaped and moved public opinion for the good. Those voices are long gone. There are very few mainstream media identities who dare to speak against the mainstream narrative.

They preen and dance around faux social justice issue, but very few are prepared to call a spade a spade.

It seems that the lessons of the sixties were absorbed by those that profit from misinformation. Popular culture has been remodelled and distorted to ensure compliance and subservience. Pop stars will endorse anything for a price. Can you imagine John Lennon doing a Coke commercial?

Who did this?

When you scratch the surface beneath this fraudulent veneer of glitz you find some familiar faces grinning back at you with the same evil malevolent glee.

You know who they are – the question is what are you going to do about it?

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Fake social justice, to hide real social injustices...