Pool Is More Manageable

in pool •  3 months ago

The flow is good and the pool is looking better since I cleaned the filter. I have had a couple bad algae outbreaks this summer with it being so hot. Hopefully I can keep it fresh for the rest of the year.

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Dude I own a pool company based out of Mesa if you are ever interested or need some help hit me up!


Nice! I'm always hacking around on that pool. I have had the capacitor that is on top of the pool pump go out twice in the last 8 months. Also I suddenly was having a problem keeping the spa heater pilot light lit. I'm assuming the thermocouple is going out or the gas flow through that tube is impeded somehow.

how rich is that pool he he je provokes to take a dip with this heat


How rich is that pool
He he je provokes to take
A dip with this heat

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