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A few weeks ago I decided to install a pond into my garden , the available space I had was limited so as you can see I haven’t gone for something to large


I decided after some thought to try a preformed pond instead of just getting a pond liner


As you can see from this picture it’s not a bad fit


So now for the hard work of digging out the pond and trust me the was a lot of stone in there but I couldn’t moan because it was me who put it there in the first place


When I was happy with the dig I used some red sand to help me level up pond and it also helps if the is still some small stones in there


When It came time to fill the pond with water I would only do it bit by bit checking the level as I went and here are a few pictures of the pond
Full of water



I was very happy in the end how level the water was as I’ve never done this before and as you know water will always find it’s own level. I will end this post now because it is dragging on a bit but I will definitely do an update very soon on any future developments thanks for popping in mike

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The new pond looks great and now all the hard work is done you'll get some enjoyment from setting it up with plants and wildlife.
If you have a local pond you could always go pond dipping for a few water insects and pond life to get yours going


That’s a good idea, are you aloud too? Cheers mike


I probably wouldn't take frogs, toads and newts or tadpoles.
But i'm pretty sure that a jar full of pond water with a few insects like nymphs and water boatman would be fine. You can pick up elodia pond weed up from your local pet shop


I’m only around the corner from a large pond it’s worth thinking about cheers. Thanks mike

@mikenevitt, No matter its small or large but you've put efforts and in my opinion the end result came up with great result and this pond is really eye-catching to watch.

And through pictures i can see that you've put lot of efforts and now you've got the positive and awesome results for the efforts. So keep up and enjoy.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Cheers mate, things should start getting a bit more interesting soon. Thanks mike


Good luck and welcome. 🙂

Always nice when the efforts pay off. Just right in that spot, too.

Are we going to have goldfish in the pond?


I think my daughter will want some goldfish,cheers mike

The pound looking awesome i like it thanks for sharing.


Thanks, it’s starting to look good I’ll probably do another post in the next few days. Cheers mike