Poloniex Pulls Service for New Hampshire Customers

in poloniex •  2 years ago

After a long days work, there's nothing quite like scrolling through the biggest alt coin exchange to see what's going on...


Well, there goes the first big domino!

And now, my watch has ended...

Poloniex offered margin trading and lending, which were useful tools and it's a shame to lose access to one of the biggest crypto exchanges, but there are alternatives.  I just worry that other big exchanges will start to follow suit.

Will @bittrex be next?  @blocktrades?  What about Circle or Coinbase?  I doubt it extends that far, but it's insane that we even have to deal with this in the "Live Free or Die State".

It demonstrates how the State can't affect blockchains, but it can control the on/off ramps...until decentralized ones with real liquidity and volume emerge.

For those outside of NH, here is when the news broke that we may start to see these sorts of things happen:


But I forgot...it's probably all just to keep us safe, so it's cool.  That Delaware based company is a real threat to my life up here in NH apparently, and I'm just too dumb to realize it.  So thanks, state bureaucrats!  You're the real heroes!

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Knew there was a reason I moved to FL! Surprising NH out of all places would be one to do this.


Yup! Orlando for me. :) And you're right - isn't that where the free state project is headquartered?


NH is far from a libertarian oasis...if anything it's becoming more statist by the day, since people from Mass are moving up here and taking their leftist agendas with them. They far outnumber Free Staters and they will just keep moving up here over time.


Oh I could see that. I went to college in Mass and have friends that live 30 min from NH border. I'm not a fan!