Poloniex, or should we call them Ignoriex?

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Well i'm agitated with current events, and i have need to share this story with you guys. I know it's nothing new, but my intention is to warn people to avoid making my mistake. I was warned by certain individuals not to use it, but i was stupid enough not to listen.

Poor customer support 

We can find many sources, all claiming Poloniex support is terrible. They make millions in profit, and they can't afford 50 people to solve their tickets. 

Being Processed since 13 days 4 hours 

Sure, i've heard horror stories, of people waiting 1 or 2 months to get their ticket resolved. I'm am still waiting to receive any kind of answer, and i am not accepting this behavior. I'm sick of waiting. 

SBD 310.72259412

2017-07-20 11:01:48

Address: alliesin

 Complete: Error , ticket # 329355

Fund withdraw of 310 SBD failed. Amount was never returned to exchange wallet, it just vanished. I didn't make any mistake, it was filled in correctly, but failed due to their buggy system.

It is slowing me down, prices changed considerably since then, and i also missed opportunity to get bitcoin cash during hardfork, or use bearish market as opportunity to end up with more coins. Now i'm just bagholder, and even if they return original amount of coins to me, they have robbed me, as it is worth less now than 13 days ago.

I also wrote to some guy on Reddit, https://www.reddit.com/user/Mike-Poloniex , as people told me he is their employee and helps sometimes with support problems, but he never responded.

I'm sorry if this story wasn't worth your attention, but i had to vent a bit. Writing about this anywhere else, would just cause people to think i'm insane.

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I feel your pain. We all hope that Polo soon will do somthing about deposit and withdraw.


Thank you for your condolences :D

Poloniex has terrible support indeed

binance is the best exchange