Capitalism - Nature's Way

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"There will always be those who seek to amass power, always at the expense of others."

This is a popular mischaracterization of capitalism. Ascribing conscious agency to the accumulation of wealth and power is the source of much misguided unrest. Whether it is the whales of Steemit or a pantheon of billionaires, these predominately rational actors are simply serving in a natural role.

Of course, it is the action of people that ultimately results in the distribution of power and resources. These actions happen within the context of an emergent system, though. No one created capitalism, and no one can uncreate it. This system will see anyone replaced that somehow becomes displaced.

No revolution, no insurgency, and no democracy can stop capitalism. For better or for worse, capitalism is the natural consequence of an economy organized around consensual transactions between buyer and seller. It is by this mechanism that our socioeconomic system evolves, and by which we have continued to develop increasingly well ordered and stable societies.

There is no good reason to want to interfere with this process, and to do so requires more authoritarian force than humanity can sustain.

Our choice is to either make ourselves and the world around us more orderly, or to remain poorly ordered ourselves, and simply take from the world, and create chaos.

If evolving beyond capitalism is what we want, choosing to be an orderly productive person is how to be a part of it. Otherwise, your contribution is to stalling that evolutionary process, or even to driving it backward.


nice post! Seems to me like the real trick is letting the good parts of capitalism do their work while not succumbing to the super destructive things. This is why we need social safety nets and guidelines within which capitalism can flourish without becoming destructive. Also we need to be more mindful as a society about what constitutes sustainable growth, seems like instant-gratification "growth" is the only pursued form these days, where as in the long run this may prove destructive.

I think that capitalism in its different forms of giving in different countries, can cause different forms, I affirm this because in my country, Venezuela, when capitalism occurred, there was a greater flow of money, foreign currency, exports, imports, in a certain way without to get consumed by capitalism there was a better way of life. Today, we are victims of a so-called Socialism that disguises a dictatorship where the middle classes are now poor classes, where the poor are more slaves to the few donations of the state and those who have been most affected are those of the upper class who have even lost their businesses. For that reason I affirm that certain form the capitalism can contribute of some form to the fluid and economic boom of some countries without letting itself concumeir by èl.

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