Dictatorship of Belarus Use The Same Tactics USA Used Against Snowden To Arrest Journalists and Quell Accusations Against The Rigged ElectionssteemCreated with Sketch.

in #politics2 months ago

There is nothing to be surprised here. It's the same old illegal activities conducted by governments. What separates countries such as USSA from dictatorships is that dictatorships lacks the hypocrisy of Unites States, EU and their political friends. Another difference with full blown dictatorships and these so called democracies is that in dictatorships, the citizens are not deluded about the true state of the government.

Excellent Coverage From Naomi Brockwell

Video Records

A More Detailed Explanation of The Events

International Coverage from India

Glenn Greenwald from Original Snowden Leaks Report on The Incident: https://greenwald.substack.com/p/as-anger-toward-belarus-mounts-recall

The least you could do about these global trend towards authoritarianism is being aware of it and spreading the knowledge. You cannot be prepared if you have no idea about the threat. After making people aware fo the threats, we can then onboard them onto tools of security, privacy and decentralization.

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