Debunking Newsbud: Lies Against Eva Bartlett & Beeley Exposed

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"Those who have once worked in Newsbud complained about the atmosphere of the place being similar to that of a cult ironically former employees of InfoWars have voiced similar complaints.Divide and conquer is the motto of COINTELPro operatives and this can only be achieved once every person who seeks to expose the establishment is defamed/slandered by COINTELPro agents whose accusations might seem substantial at first but would immediatley crumble once closely examined by those who do their own research and question everything said by anyone including those they hold in high regard."~TSR Editor

Video Being Exposed:

Newsbud, the supposedly "independent" news channel have once again lost more creditibility in the world of investigative journalism with their new 1 hour and 14 minutes long video which is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to smear both Eva Bartlett & Beeley.

Newsbud's founder,Sibel Edmonds is notorious for not being able to take any form of criticism and would not only block anyone who ever exposed her lies on Twitter but also delete comments on their Youtube channel (in a manner that is reminiscent of the behavior exhibited by news outlets such as Breitbart News and InfoWars and media pundits such as Stefan Molyneux, all of whom are obviously controlled opposition).

Former employees of Newsbud have criticized the environment of the news outlet as similar to that of a cult where the founder,Sibel is treated as a sort of cult leader.Sibel Edmonds, the founder of Newsbud is a former FBI "whistleblower" and despite her critics saying that "there is no such thing as Ex FBI or Ex CIA", most people in the conspiracy/truth community ignored those comments(something which will haunt them in later years).

When she appeared on the MOSSAD/CIA infested channel known as InfoWars with an Ultra Zionist Pro-Trump Shill known as Alex Jones, her credibility was significantly damaged and many outside/inside her organization started listening to what she says with skepticism instead of blindly believing her.To the average person, a disinfo channel such as InfoWars with a following of over a million fans would appear to be the greater threat to investigative and ethical journalism yet to Sibel and her cronies, Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley (who are in Syria and who are reporting the disgusting crimes committed by the White Helmets and other U.S backed terrorist groups) are a bigger threat to "ethical journalism".
In her hitpiece entitled "Syria Under Siege: Guarding Against Wolves In Sheep Clothing" which features pointlessly dramatic music,hypocrites trying to police others, Sibel wanking herself and crocodile tears (reminiscent of the Girl in Kuwait who lied about Iraqi Soldiers taking babies out of incubators to allow the U.S to use a false pretence for invading Iraq) about how the "poor doctors" were being slandered by Eva Bartlett as "terrorists" then proceeds to use out of context screenshots of online convos of Eva & Beeley supposedly being "violent" towards others while trying to paint the MSF(Médecins Sans Frontières) as victims when in fact, the MSF claimed that the White Helmets instead of being terrorists, were volunteers who helps the wounded people of Syria:

Such a disgusting lie perpetuated by the MSF yet to Sibel, it was not those in the MSF who was in the wrong for painting Terrorists as "volunteers helping the wounded" but it was somehow Eva & Beeley's fault for exposing the MSF and the White Helmets.

Characters in this hitpiece:

Chris Melidis(Newsbud Greek Correspondent)

-Never Been To Syria

-Makes unfounded claim that every side is capable of anything.

-Laughs at possibility of Doctors being terrorists while completely ignoring the possibility of intelligence operatives from the CIA/MOSSAD having medical skills on par with that of professional doctors or the possibility that there can be doctors trained by/supports the CIA/MOSSAD/U.S backed terrorists.In this video, there is Doctor Tamer Kahil who is a supporter of the U.S backed terrorists and a supporter of U.S/NATO/Israel-backed regime change in Syria:

-Doctor Tamer Kahil is only one amongst
many other doctors affiliated with terrorist groups in Syria, for self-proclaimed "experts" on Syria, Chris and Sibel sure seems to be unaware of a lot of facts.I wonder what other facts they are by some miracle are "unaware" of.

-Furthermore, a significant portion of the global population still believes the corporate medua's narrative/lies about the Assad regime and some of them still view Assad as a horrible dictator, some doctors might legitmately view themselves as the "good guys" for fighting against what they believe to be an "evil regime".

Rebecca Baker(President Society Of Professional Journalists)

-Works for New York Daily, which is owned by Tronc which is owned by Michael W. Ferro Jr who has intimate connections to the Aspen Institute which is funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund,the Gates Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation.

-For a woman who currently works for a news organization which is in bed with the same corporate interests seeking to destroy Syria,Rebecca Baker sure has the audacity to make unfounded claims against Eva & Beeley for supposedly being dishonest people because Eva Bartlett and Beeley portray themselves as "neutral" when apparently they are not supposed to because Eva & Beeley are "biased".

Zak Alsawaf(Syrian American Anti War Activist)

-Was in Syria for only 8 months during the start of the war

-Not much is known about him aside from him giving a book to Eva Bartlett and how he evaded military service in Syria.

"Experts & Very Real Syrian Activists"

-Never shown to us except one guy with a name and a voice.

Some guy who apparently sent death threats to the brave and totally not hypocritical group of "activists" in the video

-The "death threat" video had no audio and we were supposed to blindly believe what Sibel tells us

Dr.Barbara McKenzie

-Been to Syria several times

-Where she went to in Syria or how long she stayed there or when she went to Syria was not disclosed in the video.

-McKenzie believed the Repulsive British Zionist news outlet,the BBC over actual journalists in Syria and was surprised when actual journalists in Syria were not pleased with her doing such a thing.

Debunking their "Sources"


Debunking The 2nd Link " A Journey Inside Syria

Sibel uses this article by PBS as a source about what is supposedly really going on in Syria:

Afsaneh Mashayekhi Beschloss,the woman behind the news network known as PBS, used to work for the World Bank and J.P Morgan.She is also on the investment committee of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.
For Newsbud to use PBS as a credible source on what is happening in Syria and what supposedly happened to the hospital in Al Quds should raise eyebrows yet Sibel Edmonds had no qualms using PBS as a source while writing this despicable hitpiece on Eva and Beeley.

Debunking the 11th Link:
"Syrian Children's Trauma Is A Laughing Matter If You Are Vanessa Beeley"

Sibel Edmonds and her Newsbud crew used Orient News as a source for this hitpiece.

Orient News who has constantly spread repulsive lies against the Assad regime from claiming he used chemical weapons to the White Helmets being "heroes"

Here is the article that is linked in the show notes of the video:

The article tries to smear Beeley as a propagandist for the Assad regime yet the outlet itself is a propaganda outlet for the Neocons in the Pentagon.

Anti-Assad Propaganda by Orient News:

Another article in the show notes was an article by Channel 4 which supposedly "debunks" Eva Bartlett's claims about children in Syria.

But what Newsbud and Sibel Edmonds almost never mentions is how the same Channel 4 has been spreading Pro-NATO propaganda against the Assad regime for quite some time including in this video where they claim the Assad regime tortures children:

And Channel 4 is one of the many corporate outlets who demonizes anyone who criticizes George Soros and has attempted to silence dissent against Soros as "conspiracy theories"

They also linked an article by Max Blumenthal in the show notes and if you didn't know he is a a man who
-Used to work for the Soros-funded group "Media Matters"
-Whose parents were former Aides to the Clintons.
-Who wrote books glorifying the MOSSAD/Saudi plant, Muqtada Al Sadr who helped war criminal Nuri Al Maliki and the U.S overthrow Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

The other laughable source that Sibel put in her show notes was from the Soros-funded website,Snopes:

This site is controlled by 2 repulsive human beings) who has constantly spread disinformation and smeared most investigative journalists who expose the Clintons as "conspiracy theorists"

The fact that Sibel Edmonds and her cronies would have to use Channel 4,PBS,Orient News and Snopes who are all the very corporate media outlets that investigative journalists should be opposing and instead Newsbud views them as "credible sources" to "expose" the incredible work that Eva and Beeley has done in Syria should be very telling of Sibel Edmond's real agenda.

And writing this might "discredit" me but I have to talk about this and its about how Sibel Edmonds throughout the entire video at seperate times constantly makes the 666 sign with her hands which some Christians claim symbolizes a person being a Freemason (but take that statement with a grain of salt as some people do unintentionally make Freemasonic signs)

Here is a video explaining how the hand sign is common amongst Freemasons:



The account @StopISISscum which Sibel Edmonds retweets is the known alias of someone called Vanessa Kachadurian from the Jabhutt Al Daoud Mafia and the Susan Safi Mafia.Those Mafia groups are known to some Pro-Syria people including Eva Bartlett and Beeley.The Al Daoud Mafia is known for being obsessed with Gulen and some of their agents smuggle Israeli agents to other countries.One common trait of these people affiliated with those MOSSAD linked Mafia groups is that their rhetoric would always have Gulen(who is also a MOSSAD agent) as the mastermind behind everything.Their objective is to make Gulen be the new boogeyman like Bin Laden and Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi(like Gulen,both of whom are MOSSAD agents).(All credit goes to @wirt_dan on Twitter for exposing revealing Sibel and Kachadurian's links to the Mafia)

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Your posts are brilliant, and this one got me thinking

When the book "The Lone Gladio" came out I read it and though wow Sibel Edmonds is a great fiction writer.

Now I'm thinking, no way she wrote that, her English is crap - she must have one hell of a production team writing her material

Operation Gladio A and Operation Gladio B does exist but she is meant to be the gatekeeper only revealing parts of it.The excuse she used for not writing a non-fiction book was because she was under a gag order but she could have easily went overseas and wrote a non-fiction book exposing the intricate details of Operation Gladio B but instead she chose to write a fictional book which could never be used as an actual reference or as evidence to prove the operation actually exists.
Ever wondered where her sources comes from?
It's clearly the MOSSAD (and possibly the NIO)
The MOSSAD does not view the CIA as an ally or view anyone as an ally for that matter, they will screw over/backstab anyone whenever an opportunity to do so presents itself and they usually leak information from the CIA with their secret operatives in the CIA trying to constantly find damaging material on the CIA Director (to constantly tighten the grip of the CIA by the MOSSAD) then give classified info relating to the CIA to their MOSSAD operatives so that once their MOSSAD media pundit leaked the so-called "classified info" those in the CIA would view those who leaked it as a real threat and while unaware of the MOSSAD role hence even the CIA would not know it was the MOSSAD and the conspiracy is only known by a very few.CIA disinfo agents tend to be the heads or the founders of left wing news organization and they are usually instructed by their handlers(and their handlers are told by the MOSSAD)to leave a money trail behind or their sponsors will make the money trail visible to those who try to search for it and usually the CIA agents would rarely ever question such orders and a few years later, MOSSAD operatives expose the money trail and when people see a shill/CIA Operative being exposed by a person, they will automatically assume the person exposing the CIA operative is "legit".
Perfect example would be Sibel Edmonds exposing low level CIA disinformation agent,Cenk Ughur:

CIA disinformation agents tend to attempt to infiltrate Pro-Palestine groups and portray themselves as "Pro-Palestine" while those who "expose" them are usually closely affiliated with Ultra Zionist media pundits which can confuse the unsuspecting masses and subconsciously categorize or believe that those who are affiliated with/are Ultra Zionists as "Anti Establishment".
The Israeli MOSSAD spies on it's "greatest" ally, the U.S

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This is mind boggling - Sibel is all over!