Trump On Track To Win Re-Election In 2020 (Re-Post - All This Still Holds True...)

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Since Trump's election last November, there have been widespread protests, a general uprising and all-around "resistance" from left-wing and liberal oriented groups. If you were to watch most mainstream media outlets, the protests, and your friends Facebook posts, you might assume that Trump has absolutely no chance in hell at winning re-election in 2020.

However, in my very humble opinion...

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All Trends Favor Trump Winning Re-Election In 2020

Disregard his actual accomplishments and what you think and feel about Trump. This post isn't about that and, besides that, most people vote based on their gut, not based on actual accomplishments anyway. That's why polling was so far off in the 2016 election, and why so many people seemed to change their minds about Trump during the Republican primary.

(Depending on your point of view, it seems like Trump is either a fascist that has done absolutely nothing or is the best President since Reagan, and everyone lives in their own little it's mostly useless to debate the merits of his accomplishments.)

Again, disregard your opinion and instead take a look at the flip-side to see why Trump is likely to win again. See for yourself how poorly the Democratic party is organizing itself and the platforms that they've built to deliver their (largely flawed) messaging.

The Democrats Completely Lack Leadership

Obama is still pulling strings and fundraising in the background, along with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders...and now Hillary Clinton is trying to make her way back to the mainstage despite her promises that "she won't run as a candidate" in 2020.

Who is the hell is running the show?

None of them can agree on their messaging. You can argue the same thing about the Republicans, to be sure, but none of them are going to run for President in 2020 - yet none of the democrats in leadership positions, save for possibly Bernie Sanders, is even likely to run for president in 2020.

(But as Hillary Clinton will be the first to jump up and tell you, "Bernie is not REALLY a democrat, by his own admission." Talk about being pretentious and failing to understand the progressive base.)

The latest attempt to rally the liberal base and reconnect to "real" causes that are important to a majority of Americans fell terribly flat. They offered NO new platforms and no new solutions, because they have none. Instead, they came up with a new meaningless slogan did nothing but attract ridicule:

"A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages"

I heard at least a couple talk radio personalities (and news stories) compare it to the slogan for Papa John's Pizza. Seriously? No one in the Democratic chain of command picked up on the fact that this weak-ass slogan is like a fast-food pizza chain?

Democratic leadership is completely failing at even the most simplistic of branding exercises, something that any major political party should be an expert at.

Say what you want about Trump, but almost anyone can concede that he's at least decent at branding. And now he's proven he's willing to work across the aisle even at the expense of "his own" (OK, not really) party.

Right now, this is what Americans want, I think. The more he's willing to make deals and work with both parties to move the country in the right direction, the more likely he is to gain the lion's share of support for the portion of the public that actually votes.

This might not move the needle at all on the electorate, but I think it does. But I'll show you a couple things the Democrats have come up with that will definitely NOT move the needle.

(More) Utterly Terrible Message Delivery

The left-wing Democratic machine has been pumping out useless, inexpensive and ineffectual media platforms, news stories, and paying users to try to push their narrative (largely on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook Fan Pages) since well before the election of Donald Trump. In September 2016, Blue Nation Review rebranded to "ShareBlue."

ShareBlue is the "left's answer to Breitbart." But I don't think there's a person on the planet that could possibly think that it's even half as effective as Breitbart or the many other right-wing media outlets at delivering their messaging, but that hasn't stopped many of the posts on ShareBlue from reaching #1 position on /r/politics over at Reddit. (Voting manipulation is easy and widespread.)

The latest ShareBlue news story to reach the top of the trending lists is asking why Trump wouldn't open his Mar-a-Lago resort to Hurricane victims...even though a mandatory evacuation order was placed on the surrounding area and would be useless to use as a shelter. The casual users of social media can see through astroturfing like this, which is why Hillary lost despite what seemed to be overwhelming support across all mainstream and social media outlets.

It's painfully obvious when someone is a paid user and the top comment threads always play out the same: "Is Trump is Literally Hitler??"

(All dissent, even well-reasoned, is immediately met with a barrage of downvotes.)

The next left-wing "news/media outlet" that was just launched a few days ago - and how odd, considering it's at the same time as Hillary's book release (not really) - is called Verrit.

Verrit is supposed to be a "media/social media platform" to help Democrats deliver "verified, proven facts" to fight the messaging on the right side, but it's filled with nothing but useless platitudes and cringe-worthy "quotes"...with absolutely no facts to be had...


Who does this help? Who is this targeting? How is this a "fact," and even if it was, what does it mean? How is it helping Democrats attract more users? Even left-wing Vox (the source of the above image) had nothing good to say about Verrit.

The DNC Might As Well Burn Their Money

Both ShareBlue and Verrit are directly connected to the Hillary Clinton advisors, donors, and her "Connect the Record" PAC. Because neither of them are actually private, profitable corporations with ad revenues or sales like most right-wing outlets they are trying to fight, they are leeching the Democrat's fundraising bank account every month with literally no new inflows, and certainly no new donors.

They are bleeding themselves dry with thousands of self-inflicted paper cuts.

The Democrats are replaying the exact same tactics and messaging, which is why they'll lose in 2020. The 2018 midterms may swing in their favor, but it will ultimately not matter and will be considered a defeat in the history books if Trump remains in the White House in 2020.

And I strongly suspect he will.

What do you think? Am I on the mark or way off base? I upvote and reply to all (intelligent) comments.

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