Cosmic Rebels and Outlaws, The Politics of The Self

in politics •  11 months ago

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I have never been one to promote my personal beliefs other than at a political level. I don't make claims for others to conform to my ideas because it is not my interest to do so for i want an audience who can think for themselves and act on their own views accordingly knowing that they themselves are responsible for their actions. Unfortunately people in governments, religion and the collective herd have failed to acknowledge their own faults and all they create are mere scapegoats. And while I myself may not personally like The 45th President of The United States, i believe he is necessary for America to cleanse itself of the false sense of the group herd slave mindset. Initiated by the Morally religious sects of Christianity, continued under the authoritarian Marxist ideologues of the Left. Personally I can't tell the difference between the two because they both believe in the absolute and the collective guilt of their victims.

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I made a bit of a mistake as this article is incomplete. For the full article go here