The New Fascism is Led by Those Who Claim to Oppose It

in politics •  3 months ago

According to those who claim to fight against fascism, fascism is marked by aversion to corporate power, censorship, and disarmament, and by the belief that government should be limited in its scope and power. The so-called resistance is, itself, literally fascist in its tendencies and is best likened to the forces of Mussolini.

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The Antifaschistische Aktion was founded by the German Communists at a time when Stalin was still alive. They where and still are totalitarians.

Of course they pretend not to be and also Stalinism wasn't real communism but now they got it right.

#informationwar @informationwar


Informationwar? Like Info war?
I wonder if Alex Jones is going to have a real presence on here. I wonder what would happen if he did.


If you use the #informationwar you might get an re-share from them and upvotes from there curation trail. You don't have to pay but you have to be on the topic if the information war.


Hehe scared, oh? Muahahaha

Actually Styx here pretty much sums it up. The good thing is I know in your case I am fairly certain you don't suddenly hold McCain to high regards. And you got a twitch ban for saying something about minorities being dumb for voting for HRC.

I think we agree on most things. I just disagree with the methods.


Styx seems to "sum up" people that have nothing to do with the antifa ideology lmfao. Antifa at the core hates big govt, hates restrictions, hates dems, hates big tech, hates the rich, and hates corporations. We dont want to "censor" "wrongthink", but instead just shout them into obscurity with facts and logic. If you believe genocide or supremacist policies are good, you deserve to be harassed. That's the definition of the free market lol

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We dont want to "censor" "wrongthink"

Alternate reality. :I

edit : Wait a second, a few days ago you said you would censor people for wrong think using the flag system on steemit.


It's not censorship to remove profit for hate speech.

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Now all I need to do is consider anything I want hate speech.