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RE: Renewable Energy Disappointments - Our Government is failing us Australia.

in #politics5 years ago

Thanks for stopping by @penston. I agree with you, its pretty obvious the government was leaning towards a coal energy future.. so much money from the industry flows into their coffers, so its not hard to see why they do it.

Good point with the "carbon tax" they definitely could have done a better job marketing/branding it. Whats funny is that when the carbon tax was introduced our bus fares increased by like 20 cents, and this was a massive arguing point from oppositions where they were trying basically saying this "carbon tax" would hurt normal Australians. When it was scrapped, prices decreased but not for long.....


My first electricity bill after the carbon tax was scrapped showed how much I was saving as a result - around $0.35 per month (or per quarter?). Idiots!

Have you read a book called Game of Mates? It was published earlier this year and would make any Australian lose the rag!

I have not penston, but will definitely have a look as soon as get back to australia and can boot up my kindle... Though I already have plenty of things that rile me up lol..

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