The age of deception!

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Snakes everywhere.

Even the quote here is in doubt such is the level of distrust in the world.

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false!
CIA Director William Casey.

If we are to unite and come together as exactly that, a united front, something has to give, trust has to be a key component, and mistrust has to go out of the window, head first, with weights on it.
We know most things have been made up, war history is written by the victors, ancient history has been covered up so anything scientists do not want to explain due to it not fitting their text books is a "religious artefact" even though you can clearly tell pyramids and such were built by advanced civilizations.

Even religion when looked into starts to crumble. (edited out what I really wanted to add to that, due to the way society is and steemit reflecting it)

Politicians no longer tell even 1 ounce of truth, their mouths are full of lies, I swear if any of them could tell the truth they would probably burst into flames and be the latest case of spontaneous human combustion (please lord make it so). With the media being so full of it also, and putting corporation spin on any event they want, that furthers their goal of more war and less freedom, we have a full package of liars, from government to media and everything in between, whilst the average person is taught by parents and schools to be honest and tell the truth.

The corporations make billions from war, both on resources (oil wells) etc after the event, to making millions whilst it is going on, I read about 1 corporation (Halliburton ) supplying washing machines in Iraq for the army to use, and charging $100 a wash, get a load of that, $100 to wash 1 lot of gear, as if the American government can get humvee's there, yet not a washing machine?


Whilst we all work our backsides off and pay tax, the very people making up tax rules pay none, and anyone earning more than a couple of hundred thousand $ a year probably has ways of avoiding paying it also. The poorest section in society effectively foots the bill for the richest section of society, such is the upside down state of the world, throw in police no longer serving and protecting, though more taxing via fines for speeding or crossing the road in the wrong place and voila, you have the current mess of a world they made, the lunatics that run the asylum are in fact the inmates, or should be.


I digress!

So back to my original point, we all need to start trusting each other a lot more. Yes we know those in power are full of it, and we know all the other facts above, my point still remains the same, to take down these conmen, thieves and liars will take a large amount of "us" coming together, trusting each other, openly debating what can be done, putting forward plans, and carrying it through. We have been set up not to trust each other, not to come together, be it on religious grounds or be it on skin colour, race, creed, identity politics the lot, shove the lot out that window also, put the lot to bed, forget it, and make this world a better place, before the lunatics nuke this our only home, our only solitary planet we can be on!

Political correctness!

This is also a divisive tool, so that minorities can lay claim to having a voice, most tend to end up shouting at anyone that refuses to listen when they go full tard and start screaming in peoples faces, all of this is by design, nothing is left to chance, people actively choose left or right now, and to say you are left or right is also insane, allow me to give you a pointer as to why.

  • What are my thoughts on borders? they are required at the moment due to welfare systems and economic migrants that want a free ride, that come from poorer countries. (makes me so called right wing)

  • What are my thoughts on prostitution? If someone is happy to get paid for it and enjoys it, and someone is happy to pay for it and enjoys it, then fine. (this makes me left)

  • What are my thoughts on drugs and alcohol? It is your body put what you want in it. (makes me left)

Do you get my point? some things you may be so called left field on and some you may be right, some you may be on the fence and straight down the middle, forget about grabbing her by the pussy, so why anyone identifies as either left or right is beyond me.


Week by week more and more comes out about the satanic nature of those in power!

From Hollyweird to masons, and politicians, they are all occultists that practice things we could not even imagine doing to another human being, with a lot of them like David Cameron it starts at places like Oxford or Cambridge university where he had sex with a pigs head, as a ceremony Source In the USA it tends to start at the home of many presidents that are chosen decades in advance to run the country in the future "Yale" source.


Verdict = We can do better than this, if we all come together.

I hope I find you well, please feel free to leave a comment, or start a debate, my door is open to new ideas, even if at first they seem foreign to me.


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Week by week more and more comes out about the satanic nature of those in power!

It has begun to sink in for me that they want us to know. What an incredible tool for us to use to hold ourselves accountable for our agency. There is no more time to wait for solutions tomorrow. We have to become the answer we seek now.


Agreed 100% on both counts.
Have a superb weekend my friend.

All these snakes are ignorant of ouro f^ing bouros.

In the end they are only fooling themselves.

I don't trust anyone, specially those who make the rules enforce the rules, an bend the rules to their own likings. To be able to trust we need to see why they CAN be trusted. So we need proof that people in power are not doing anything corrupt. Like buying stock in an arms company just before they make a deal with the government they work for and fill their own pockets over dead bodies of innocent people.


Superb comment and agreed again.
Have a superb weekend bro, hope to see you at my steemit festival next July.

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Yes it is true...
I like your post very much.
Thank you...


your comment is better though.


your reply is better than sex with a dead pig


LOve is in the air (piggate)


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sex with a pigs head? - is that a new religion?