WikiLeaks Journalist: Disturbing Message 'Written in What Appears to Be Blood' at Home

in politics •  6 months ago  (edited)

Journalist and WikiLeaks activist Suzie Dawson posted images of a disturbing message that been written in 'what appears to be blood' on her twitter page today.

Thread: I discovered today what appears to be the name of someone VERY close to me written on the wall of my building's elevator in what appears to be (but may or not be) blood.

All I can do when these things happen is to tell people that they have. It's important light is shone on it.

I am not suicidal, I don't drink or do drugs. I am just an activist and a journalist who cares.

Do not be scared: I am not. Just be aware.

Suzie Dawson (@Suzi3D) November 14, 2018

Video report:

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We will not be intimidated into silence. We will continue speaking the truth about the plight of Julian Assange.

I pray for Julian all the time from deep in my heart.