How many of us really have health insurance anyway?steemCreated with Sketch.

in politics •  2 years ago

I just read this headline on CNBC, "CBO -Obamacare repeal bill would raise number of uninsured by 27 million by 2020". 

In reality how many of us are really "insured" anyway when it comes to our health coverage? 

Insurance should involve an affordable annual premium and an affordable deductible when a claim is made.

If making an insurance claim leads to debt or even bankruptcy you are not really "insured".

Insurance was designed to protect the individual against catastrophic loss by transferring the potential loss to an insurance company in exchange for a premium.

It is ironic that our health insurance is in the hands of a privileged group who have their health insurance paid for by the very people they continually fail when it comes to health insurance. 

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I used to live in Germany where I had to have insurance, and get used to it even after returning to my home country. I think it's good to have one


Needed for sure.