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Our founding fathers fully understood the gravity and polarizing effect of the impeachment process. Alexander Hamilton warned us of the subsequent divide resulting from political warfare. He predicted a fragmenting in our nation and animosities among its people. Political manipulations and misinformation leave an offensive aftertaste, yet America and her endless possibilities remain enticing.

The tasteless Russian collusion investigation left the ravenous democrats empty and hungry for revenge. Two plus years of waiting on the edge of their seat for satisfaction, the democrats experienced just the smell of validation, like a cookie scented candle. Starvation drives seemingly sane people to the boundaries of lunacy. A perfect example of this scary skinny sickness? Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the house, third in line to lead our great nation and crazed, wiled eyed, keeper of the keys to the asylum, once again reminds Americans she is not fit to serve. Forty-eight hours before the transcript of a phone call between President Trump and the president of Ukraine was released, she called for an impeachment inquiry based on a phone conversation she never heard.

Americans are smart enough to know one should never lodge allegations until all the facts of the matter are presented. The democrats screamed “quid pro quo” and ran in circles of mad delight at the thought of impeaching their arch enemy. Any poker player would agree, you got to know when to call and President Trump called their bluff by releasing the phone call in question. The transcript provided no evidence of withholding funds for investigation. A giant bite of hot air.

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