Compassion in arguments: A lesson for political fanatics (video/podcast)

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Many fools have wasted many hours arguing with people on the Internet, myself included. If you are passionate about politics, or some other controversial subject, you've probably got yourself into some awkward conversations. If you're a real hard case, you might have even incited such conversations on purpose. For arguers, those interactions are enjoyable, an exercise in intellect or rhetoric. For others, they're emotionally taxing, and can even end friendships. When a discussion becomes an argument, then you start to view the people you're talking to as objects, and that's especially common on the Internet, when you can't see their faces.

It's truly a shame when people stop being friends because of a disagreement over politics, dividing ourselves, removing the possibility of human connection in favour of an abstraction, or even a politician whom you'll never meet. We can always make the decision to see the humanity in people, recognising their consciousness even in moments of disagreement.

In customer service, you learn to handle people even when they're emotional, and many of the lessons of customer service can apply in our everyday communications - seeking to understand before seeking to be understood, paraphrasing to confirm comprehension, apologising more than is normally expected, finding common ground with our fellow humans, and being grateful for friendly interactions.

In this episode, Kurt describes how feeling compassion during your arguments can quickly transform them into discussions, discovering more about the perspectives of others, and using understanding to be more persuasive. Join us in another heart-opening episode of... The Paradise Paradox!

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Yep... Loved it. All the way through, I kept thinking to myself that you were talking directly to me. HaHa. I agree with everything you say.
I'm now going to email this link to all the fuckwits on Facebook who don't understand my posts.
NB: In keeping with the theme of clear communication, I'll just add,for the benefit of anyone who may not have realised, that my last sentence was my attempt at humour.


Thanks Bob. This is man's eternal struggle... to overcome the inner fuckwit.

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