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Invoice gates urgently ordered the construction of a nuclear bunker at his seattle property and has suggested long time personnel Employees to leave the us “earlier than the subsequent weekend”, says a member of his staff.

“He didn’t say how long we should be away, but he said we should definitely leave before the following weekend,”said Mr Hall, a pool technician, who says he watched the construction of the nuclear bunker and explains it is large enough to comfortably hold “a handful of people only.”

"Besides the nuclear bunker, several smaller tunnels and bunkers were built underneath the main residence, connecting them up to form a small underground fortress.”

While the first rate-wealthy are definitely no strangers to big subterranean production, the timing and nature of invoice gates’ production has raised eyebrows

Explaining that the bunker has entrances and exits big sufficient for cars, in addition to escape tunnels, decontamination rooms, swiss-made air purifiers and bulletproof hatches, bill gates seemingly authorized of the very last construction handiest after being again and again assured he and others would continue to exist within the underground structure within the occasion of a 500,000-pound blast.


Inside a luxury nuclear bunker.

“He won’t tell us why or how he knows what he knows, but he was adamant the bunker had to be finished as soon as possible. I’ve never seen him so anxious.”

Mr corridor says invoice gates has put a number of effort into getting to know the mental components of subterranean confinement, with the intention of ensuring that he and the selected few will characteristic nicely in instances of calamity.


But he can’t take everybody he knows with him, and has strongly advised long term staff and associates to leave the country as soon as they can

“Bill says Africa or Russia is the safest place right now,” Mr Hall said.

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