True-love in politics; True-love in business

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Not long ago I was approached by the CEO of an international Hi-Tech Company which makes an annual profit of many millions of dollars. This person is highly successful with a kind personality and certainly knows a thing or two about the spiritual world. That is, he has taken a few courses and workshops throughout the years and did read the "right" books. I really enjoyed spending time with him. Let's call him Dan for the sake of the discussion.

Dan made a very obvious remark: "when I hear the terms love and True Love I picture a romantic couple, holding hands with the sunset as a background, a happy family and kids, lots of smiles and inner joy. Am I correct to imagine that?"

"Indeed, you are", I replied.

"So, if I already have achieved all that, does it mean that I already have TrueLove?" Dan smiled at me and winked as if he was testing me.


Credit: Damon Langlois

I hesitated before I replied. After all, the worlds we live in are a bit different, and I had to find the right words. "You see, Dan", I began, "first of all, TrueLove is not something you need to have or own but rather to live. I am sure you knew that. And secondly, what do YOU think? Do you live in TrueLove? Are you sure your spouse lives in TrueLove? And what about your kids? And your employees? And your competitors?....and what about your customers, the ones your company serves?!"

It was Dan's turn to remain silent.

"You see", I continued, "You are the first circle. Everything in your reality begins with you. As you learn and grow you go higher on the ladder and with that you gain a higher status. With that comes great fortune and also many more responsibilities. True love is not just a romantic notion. It is not a sticky-fluffy-rosy way of life, one that you see on dramatic films or read in Romantic novels".

Dan Nodded. "That’s sounds familiar. I think I read about your TrueLove before, in the times of post-Atlantis", he added.

"I am sure you did. The difference now is that we all chose to convey those same messages through the love-life of the individuals and by doing so to wake us all up. Perhaps this time it will work". I waited and when he nodded again I added, "Actually, this time I am sure it will work".

"There is so much work to do", Dan mumbled. I smiled.

"Remember the circles, Dan. Do it slowly and surely and begin with yours. You will be supported, don’t' worry. Begin with self and once you feel you are ready, expand it to the others. TrueLove is simply a set of principles. Sometimes it might contradict the very essence of how business and economy are being done nowadays. You will have to be strong and firm; stick to your way and do not get discouraged even when the stock market will vote against you. I promise you that you personally, the firm you manage and all the other stake-holders will be greatly rewarded once TrueLove is implemented in your company. Don’t forget - you already have the best proof!".

A question mark appeared on his face.

"It's you, of course", I said.


The conversation with Dan reminded me of a meeting I attended a few years ago with some young politicians-to-be. I lectured about honesty and loyalty in conducting state affairs. I urged them to always remember their value-fulfillment and how moral and creatorship go hand in hand. I am sure they heard me very well, but did they listen?

Soon after that meeting one of them became a member of the local parliament only to contradict most of the TrueLove messages we are talking about here. Not surprisingly, her term in office was short and in the following elections, she was thrown out.

Few weeks after that happened she accidentally saw me during a social occasion: "how come", "she said, "so many corrupt politicians who steal, cheat and lie manage to be elected time and again while I, who is young and rather ok, didn't win the voters' trust?"

"That’s your mistake”, I replied. “You were just ‘ok’. You see, there is not much time left. Change is on its way and the universe selects its team of emissaries. You were given a chance by the kingdom of love. You were told about the TrueLove message and soon after you were given the golden opportunity to execute it. But alas, you chose not to".

"Does that fact explain also why my boyfriend left me?” she asked.

I knew about her rich and successful boyfriend from reading the papers. It was the popular gossip for many months. People laughed at the young princess who lost everything so fast, and I for one didn't want to rub salt into her wounds. I just looked into her eyes without saying a word. I felt she was really listening, with her heart this time and I believe she got the message. For her, a new period began. If she wants to regain her former position she will need to start from the beginning; to learn about TrueLove and begin implementing it in her daily life.


Politicians and leaders have immense responsibility because they have an influence on many others. People listen to them. People crave to be like them. People imitate their behavior and use their deeds as an example - and sometimes as excuses - to their own acts. Politics is one of the sickest systems that we have in our world and in there, more than any other area, TrueLove begins to penetrate.

Some major transformations already occur in both the business and politic systems and only those who will accommodate themselves to the new ways of living will play a significant role in leading them. TrueLove has already begun to expand and grow beyond the relationship circle. As planned. As it should be.


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