The FISA Memo Is Just The Beginning Of Fighting The Swamp.

in politics •  10 months ago

It’s telling them the cockroaches have run out of corners to hide in.

Time to put on our pointy shoes and start kickin’.

This is the essence of corruption. It is the essence of why the Swamp needs to be drained.

This is what Donald Trump was elected to do.

That winning at all costs is not winning. It’s just another day at the Swamp.


The Deep-State and the Political Elites / RothChilds (East India Company) / Hollywood Elites / Soros Anarchist / Hollywood Pedophile / DumbocRAT National Committee / Bern Bernie Socialist / HitLIARry Clitoris / Slick Dick
Willie Pedophile Foundation(involved in human trafficking, Child Pedophilia / Minor Prostitution / Human Organ
Farming / Illegal Drug Testing on Human and Animals conducted in Third World Countries) are involved in a massive
Wall-Street "FLASH CRASH" in coming week, they know that their "KINGDOM" is going to be BLOWN APART by the
"DRAINING OF THE SWAMP", they have set the market up for this and are "READY TO BLAME" our elected PRESIDENT

These bastards have joined forces to DEFEAT/DESTROY our President of the UNITED STATES.

The "DumbocRATS- Fairy God-Mother" Yellen - has already put the "POISON PILL" and has left the Federal building.

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