Bill Clinton Pictured With Multiple Pedophiles ; Tony Podesta and George Nader

in politics •  2 years ago 

Pedo party anyone ? ...

George Nader, who's been outed as a convicted pedophile, caught partying with the notorious, serial rapist Bill Clinton! Who's there, too? "Skippy" Podesta's brother, Tony Podesta the infamous DC child rapist Luciferian brothers ... Article on George Nader being a pedophile -

[ George Nader right of Bill Clinton, Tony Podesta far right ]

This trash is one of the key witnesses in the Meuller investigation.. Who'd a guessed?...

bill clinton.png

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did you catch the part where he not only got the pedo out of jail, but he also let him escape?

Bill Clinton got Nader out of jail? Where? Link? Thanks, just not sure who you're referring to...

mueller got him out of jail, so he could be a witness. now he's gone. escaped.

Oh yeah, I guess I missed the part he was in jail... lol I linked to that article in the post anyways