Debunking the Washington Posts fake news (again)

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The Washington Post is a far-left known fake news site. With the history of lyin and creating phony fact checks. Usually to bolster their credibility wich has been horrible among moderates and rightwingers and even non partisan leftwingers.

1 On 9/11 itself Trump was on the phone with a TV station hours after the buildings collapsed to bragging about how his building was now the tallest.

snopes rating: misleading

Snopes: And I just spoke to my people and they said it’s the most unbelievable sight it’s probably seven or eight blocks away from the World Trade Center and yet Wall Street is littered with two feet of stone and brick and mortar and steel …”

So it is true that during the course of that interview in response to a query about whether his own buildings had sustained any damage Trump stated in reference to the Trump Building that “now it’s the tallest” [in downtown Manhattan]. Whether that remark constituted “bragging” is a matter of subjective interpretation however.

>2 Trump promised to donate $10 000 to the 9/11 victims. (A paltry amount for a New Yorker who claimed to be a billionaire and one of the richest men in the country) But he never donated the money....though he took public credit for donating it.

fact check: false

According to a variety of sources Trump did in fact donate large amounts of money as his own personal donations and not through his charity

on the heels of various other charitable donations that Donald Trump has given

While Trying to Get a Casino License in Indiana Trump Donates $1.2 Million in Scholarships to High School Kids in Indiana

Trump Donated $31 500 to the Detroit School of Fine Art Band to Travel and Perform at Carnegie Hall in NYC

Trump Donated $29 000 Worth of Food and Supplies to the North Carolina Recovery Effort after Hurricane

Trump Donates $100K and a Truckload of Supplies to Louisiana Flood Victims

(it's worth noting that during The Louisiana flood Trump personally visited and handed out the supplies. During that same time. Hillary Clinton was napping and Obama was playing golf))

>3 Trump lied and claimed he had hundreds of his men working in the 9/11 rescue effort when he didn't have any.

snopes: unverified. but does provide photo of trump and workers at location

>4 Trump lied and claimed that he helped in the 9/11 clean-up personally.

This is just another rewording of the previous alleged "lie"

I already skipped over one that was just a rewording of something the user already said. So it seems this user is trying to bolster and pump up the numbers by repeating the same allegations against Trump multiple times

>5 Trump lied repeatedly about 9/11 claiming to have seen thousands of Muslims cheering in New Jersey when the Towers fell....something that never happened.

the crazy thing is I actually believe that that was an actual I from him until I actually researched it. Turns out its partially true

6 Trump lied and said he watched people jump from the windows on 9/11

I'm confused? Have we not all seen the videos of people literally jumping out of the world trade center?

7 Trump lied and said he lost hundreds of friends in the 9/11 attack. But he can't name a single one. You lost someone in that attack you remember their names.

Huh. I'm going to take a break from this for a minute to show you guys something interesting I found. Turns out that this user's comment was ripped directly from a Washington Post article

I don't know if that's legally plagiarism but I don't know if a user user credit for something published by The Washington Post

> Trump did make money off 9/11 though he lied repeatedly about the reason why he was given that money. The billionaire one of the richest men in America applied for and got a small business grant of $150 000. (15 times more than he was willing to pledge [but not pay] to the victims' fund.)

snopes: false

middle of his presidential campaign Trump finally does something for 9/11 (that isn't being a lying greedy piece of shit). He has his Trump Foundation donate $100 000 to the 9/11 Museum Memorial --- days before the New York primary.

so based on that we can see this on users by us. And it's not just somebody fact-checking Donald Trump's claim but it's actually a far-left trump hater


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