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Regime Change


When I was a child of only 10 years old, President Ronald Reagan was shot by John Hinkley and I remember that moment because it was the day I became politically aware. I was watching Tom and Jerry after school and my brother came in the room and changed the channel to the news. I started to yell at him, but I saw the look on his face, drawn and worried, and decided to keep quiet.

I spent a lot of my formative years (from age 5 to 10) on Andrews Air Force Base. We were just miles away from Washington DC, so political news was local news. The shock of seeing a President gunned down in the middle of the street sparked an interest in me that has lasted to this day.

I had a very critical mother, who noticed small details and could spot a lie a mile away. A lot of that rubbed off on me, and while viewing politics, it has let me see what is being said rather than what is being spoken. There is a thread of truth in any good lie and I can usually pick out that thread.

What I have witnessed in the last 20 years is nothing short of mindbending. There are periods that there was not even a thread of truth to pick out and that really got my alarms up. I grew up in the arms of the government, and, while there have always been deceivers, there were a lot of "leaders" that were honest and wanted good to triumph.

We are losing the battle between honorable men and scoundrels. The government is now thriving with rats who would burn the world to increase their meager power. This is not a comment on our current Murderer in Chief, it is a comment on all of the corrupt, power mad, maybe Satanic politicians who make up our ruling class.

Now to Venezuela.

Why? Oil? Money? Power? Psychosis?
The people of Venezuela do seem to want Maduro to get out of office, but, I think they want to choose their own new President, not have a hand-picked by Washington successor. If Hillary goes to Russia, then comes back and declares herself President, would you accept it? Probably a bad analogy, because, some of you would appreciate it. We have mobsters in our government. We need to fix here first and then we can truly help others. We broke Libya. We broke Syria and lost. We broke Iraq. We broke Afghanistan and lost. We are involved in many more countries, making dead people and not much more. We have a 100% failure rate since Korea at adventures abroad. Maybe we should stop wasting taxpayer energy on other countries.

Was Red Dawn predictive programming?

If you haven't seen the movie Red Dawn, it is centered in a small Colorado town where America gets attacked by China, Russia, and South America. Sound familiar. The BRIC nations are very displeased at our almost constant military interventions. I'm not certain about the B, but, I know the R, the I, and the C are all nuclear weapons capable. The movie has the US using battlefield nukes on US soil, it's pretty scary really.

Hopefully, we never have to see that movie play out down the street from me, but, we really have to lay down our arms for a time and reconsider what we want history to remember us for. A wall won't help us then.

What About France?

France has had protests for 16 weeks straight, people have died. People have gotten injured by the police. They treat protesters like sheep. They arrest protesters and hold them as political prisoners. Is Washington considering a military option in France? Do they have a new President in mind? France should consider these things, the worm will turn. Total domination means everyone, ever play RISK?

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