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Esther Mcvey quote from the house of commons - “In the UK it is right that, you know, more people are visiting - as you would expect - going to foodbanks, because as times are tough, as we are all having to pay back this £1.5 trillion debt which spiralled under Labour.

“As we are all trying to live within our means, change the gear, make sure we are paying back all the debt which happened under them.”

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I believe it is now abundantly clear what the UK conservative party mentality is , what the plan is and what solutions they want ,
after reading , gas the unemployed , sterilize them , test them like animals , let them go to foodbanks, all from either conservative activists and current tory mp,s.
Of course they will deny and shroud their true feelings , after all it is not good to have thoughts like this while one is in government , the leaking thoughts of the tory are dripping out , we have not got a government in westminster , it is simply a corporate machine sucking the very life out of people , eating it,s way through the people they see as unproductive , the ill , the disabled , the unemployed , and anyone they see as not towing along with their ideals , their only solution is to destroy , it has been roughly 8 years since they took power in the UK and all they have done is take a chainsaw to Britain and call it creating jobs , helping people , fairness , etc etc .
David Camerons corporate bullshit " the big society " campaign neglected to say that it did not include the ill , disabled or unemployed , and so it goes on , the tory corporate bullshit machine , killing destroying and chomping on Britain , Theresa May , David Cameron , the new and old PM , leading the way on how to bullshit your way through .
The false economy government , who believe destruction is the only way forward , they came with no ideas , and like the apprentice TV show candidates who handed Alan Sugar a box as their new idea to sell as a business , the tory plan like that box is empty , devoid of anything but warm air from a tory fart .