killer tories ( dwp killers ) the policy of death

in politics •  last year  (edited)

Uk conservative government , your welfare sanctions and welfare reform rules kill people , you all know it.

But you cant stop can you , if you admit the truth you will be ousted , you will likely be in the courts facing corporate manslaughter charges.

This being the case you cannot stop the hideous cruelty , you cannot admit the truth , it will be a disaster for the conservative party , the DWP and all of those involved if you admit the truth and the pure reality of what is happening , your policy of sanctions and welfare reform are like a rolling ball that you pushed down the hill , you cannot stop it can you , you dare not even try or you will all be gone from power , so you keep killing in the hope that something will save you or that people might forget in time and you will be safe.

you ignore the killing to keep your jobs and to try to save face , you cannot stop yourselves.

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