Heads Up America! Leaving Your Vote For President BLANK - Might Jump Start Trump's MISSING VOTES Conspiracy Theory When He Loses

in politics •  2 years ago

With one Republican after another suggesting that they will NOT vote for Trump - and WON'T vote for Clinton - and that they will leave their ballot blank for President - will they be feeding into the political "rigged election" rhetoric of Trump; especially since the media never reports NON VOTES. For example, in races with unopposed candidates, do you really believe that the sole candidate running - usually the incumbent - gets 100% of the votes of voters who enter the ballot booth? Of course not - but that is how the MSM always reports it. Suddenly in this election, I predict that - we will all be looking and thinking about the total number of voters - compared to the total votes cast for President.

But - this time - those non votes may really matter to the final narrative in the US Presidential election - especially with Hillary too as unpopular as she is - the additional factor in boosting the now to be expected number of blank votes - especially with Republicans. Trump will likely seize on the idea of "where are my votes", from normal Republican voting locations, in such and such normally Republican county or city or state. It will be AS IF the ballots, the votes, are literally missing. He will probably then suggest that the votes could have been "removed" by tampering with the software of the election ballot machines. This will be an especially persuasive argument in areas without a paper ballot backup system.

Indeed, the "missing votes' theory may even be enhanced by an already expected depressed voter turnout compared to the 2008 election cycle - since nearly all of America is sick of this whole soap opera series called the 2016 election. Trump will argue "how can that be" (depressed voting numbers) with all the so-called interest in the debates - and at his large rallies. It will all seem "suspicious" to him - and he will boast of hearing some saying "they too believe it was rigged" - right down to the vote tally. It will all add up in the Trump camp and make strange conspiracy sense to those in denial of the Clinton outcome. This could all easily invoke post election outcomes we'd all rather not see.

So - heads up America - your NON action this election - when inside the ballot box - could start an endless conspiracy theory.

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Rather Trump, than Hillary.


I'll be voting 3rd or 4th party myself.