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you do have the second amendment right to actually do something about it, but you've never used that right ... you're just as much part of the problem as the government itself

look up; the execution of Ceausescu; he was shot by an insider, not some YouTube philosopher


That's absurd. You do not have a responsibility to commit suicide by cop just because you might end a few tyrants. Violent means rarely have the desired effect. Often they make things worse.

Larken is doing a very good job of educating those willing to have their beliefs challenged (and encouraging those of us in the choir). I'd rather he stayed alive to continue doing that.

I don't mind that he's trying to spread awareness, but as long the awareness doesn't include that the only way to stop violent tyrants is with violence ... we're never going to get rid of them

it's not that there might be a possibility of violent tyrants taking over the government, that's what already happened on day 1

this while I do hope that projects like steemit will lead to an open market solution that we can use to replace the government with

so, I don't expect him to join the militia and lead the charge on his own, as ideas and insights are also important, but I do expect him to include the possibility of violence being needed into that insight, otherwise is just ideological nonsense

keep in mind; the tyrants already initiated the violence!

Violence is not the only way. I don't expect anyone to just lay back and take it; self defense is justified. But if enough of us just say no, and are willing and able to defend that no, there's nothing they can do about it. Very little actual violence will be necessary.

sure ... but it cannot be excluded

keep in mind; so far, they're winning, we're losing ... and there's a reason for that

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