Fanny Khan song "Achhe din kab aayenge" becomes "Achhe din aa gaye" because...Modi!

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It was 2014 when Modi won the Loksabha elections and discovered twitter in the process. His first tweet? "India has won! Bharat ki Vijay. Ache din ane wale hai." (India has won! Triumph of India. Good days are about to come). Since then "Achhe din aayenge" has been the goto slogan for Modi and BJP. Achhe din however never arrived, instead came joblessness, demonetisation, scams, lynchings, rapes along with increasing instability in Kashmir region.

It was only apt for a movie to come with the song that Fanny Khan did. It was however not well received by BJP, the party which is in power. The song is called "Mere achhe din kab aayenge" a line that reverberates around every part of the country at the moment. Soon the song started gaining traction online which is understandable given how ineffective the government has been in fulfilling all their promises.

Now another version of the song has come out with the lyrics, "mere achhe din ab aaye re" (my good days are here). A source told mid-day, "After the first version came out, a lot of people online used it to attack the Central Government and question Modi on his promise of achche din. The song was getting politicised needlessly. The producers also got a few calls from high places, after which they decided to release the new version. They are even contemplating pulling down the original song."

Now whether this is just another publicity stunt by the movie director or there was indeed an order from BJP to change the song, is not clear.

This story, however, comes way too close to proving my point that Indians are constantly being fooled by the politicians, Bollywood movies or both.

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