The Rise of Censorship

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Are you violating terms of use at Facebook? You should start as soon as possible, because they are going to ban you anyway!

You must have already heard that Alex Jones has been banished from the the whole raft of platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and Apple. It’s all over the Internet. But did you hear this news?

For the second time, left-leaning Latin American news network Telesur has had its Facebook page removed, with no explanation given.
— Simon Rite, RT

I wouldn’t say “left-leaning Latin American news network”, I would say “truth-leaning Latin American news network”, but that’s the other story.

So, now we have “hate-speech nut job” in the same basket with the regular alter-news network? What is the common denominator? Both have a story that diverse from the terrible official narrative. Which means, censorship has become the last resort of the crumbling corporative media AND controlled social platforms. Big time:

Duration: 2:33

After Trump’s election victory it has become obvious that classic corporate media established in the 20th Century have lost their power. By imposing censorship, controlled social platforms have just started to loose it’s power. But before you begin to rejoice expecting massive migration to Steemit, read carefully this text of our @informationwar.

Unfortunately, ‘Kafkaesque’ character of this act — punishing without any explanation why — can be repeated at Steemit despite the decentralized nature of the platform. The buttons are there, and they can be pushed at any time. So, it is necessary to work on further development of decentralized infrastructure, in the expectation of the Deep State strike.

Steemit is not enough.


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"hate-speech nut job" what reason do you have for labelling Alex Jones as such? -@openparadigm

  ·  last year (edited)

I did not label Alex Jones as such. You can clearly see @informationwar, that I have put that under the quotation marks. That’s how the corporate media has labeled Mr. Jones. I have constructed the sentence…

So, now we have “hate-speech nut job” in the same basket with the regular alter-news network?

…to show how the true Fakebook criteria is only one — opposing official narrative.

If they would really care about real news, they wouldn’t have to ban “hate-speech nut job” — nobody would listen to him anyway if he really was that what they claim. But since he is extremely popular, and has more credibility than corporate media, he has to be censored.

Personally, I would like to see him here at Steemit. That would be very good test of Steemit’s censorship resistance.

Is that clear now?

Sure, it would have been clearer from the start if you hadn't put both descriptions of telesur in quotations ( Both the media's and your's)