RE: Can Libertarian Municipalism save democracy in the 21st century?

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Can Libertarian Municipalism save democracy in the 21st century?

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Oh I see. So I suppose that by shifting the locus of gov. more to municipalities they will promote less national war-like activities.


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Yes, I think so. I would like to see things brought all the way down to the individuals.

I have scanned the titles from some of your past posts,, and it seems we have a strong common interest. You might sense that when you see my article entitled “The BANCOR Protocol Could Make Small-Community Cryptocurrencies Viable“ located at .

FYI, SMTs are planned to have the same functionality as the Bancor protocol, in terms of supporting small community cryptocurrencies.

I have the intuition that the matter of having received crypto transfers and making use of them to purchase goods and services remains a major issue around the world today, at least for people with modest means. Bringing beneficial change down to the individual level will require some breakthrough on this matter.

I would love to see an international survey of the capability to make use of crypto payments to acquire goods and services, with breakdowns by country, sex and age, and socioeconomic category (the latter including education, of course).

I am in the early stages of trying to organize a cryptocurrency usage project in a small community in Jamaica. The underlying notion is to use a crypto currency anchored in the delivery of person-to-person services or homemade goods to build community self-reliance for the upcoming days when access to fiat money may become a much more serious problem than it is today. (Each token issued will represent a unit (as yet undefined) of service delivered by one person to another (in the time banking field that the unit is one hour of service regardless of the content of the service and the skills/knowledge involved). A token received will be tradable, thus helping to break one of the most serious barriers associated with simple bartering.)

Do you know of any chat channel, e.g. at the, where people interested in voluntary and cooperative activities gather to exchange information, debate ideas, etc.?

Happy 2018, BTW. I am now following you.