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The podcast is here, it's long but worth watching all the way through!

Video is streaming way better for me now, thank you for lowering the rate for us potato viewers.

I don’t care for integrated Chat but definitely want Livestream notifications. You could create your own “Twitter-like” service, but I suggest it being like a Shoutbox and the comments disappear after a period of time. I’d drop the “Rate It” below the video, it seems kind of redundant. We love your videos and if we don’t then we shouldn’t be here 🙂

Germany and France are shocked, they should both be scrambling to set up their own blockchain social media in competition to Twitter. It’s time to take a chunk out of the Big Tech giants.

In regards to the left, I’m taking a step back and letting them stew in their own worlds. When that world collapses then I’ll step back in and help them back to common sense and reality. Until then it is simply a waste of my time trying to show them the truth and facts, some are just too deep in the cultism of the left.

I have lost a lot of stress by not being on Twitter and using hours of my day trying to stay ahead of the curve. I have found, as you said, there’s more to life than living minute to minute trying to share everything right now valuable or not.

I’ve had people debate with me on things I’ve said and only after a dozen tweets did they realize they agreed with everything I said. We were both on the same page but the text was different which motivated them to freak out on me and try to label me.

People can say “Boycott them all” but they have no idea on just how big and infiltrated these have become. Boycott Amazon, great, what about the 200,000 small businesses in Canada who use Amazon to sell products? Screw em!

Amazon, Walmart, Costco, that’s just where we are at. So instead of getting rid of them (employing hundreds of thousands of Canadians) why not just push toward selling more Canadian products? The rich will always get richer. So what? As long as I am able to live my life and everyone I know can live theirs does it really matter who is selling me a new microwave? I know buying that $200 microwave from Walmart paid for at least 1 employee. One person has a job. If you made that microwave $350 at a “local store” do you think I’d buy it? Probably not, I couldn’t afford it. And then no one has a job.

I just ask this question. If we closed Walmart tomorrow in Canada where would you put the 100,000 people you just put out of work? It’s great to have this unicorn fart rainbow view of the world but if you don’t have the infrastructure to carry the weight you’re causing more problems than good. The problem with the mega-corps is not that they sell products. The problem is their influence on things that should not involve them.

With the covid vaccine, if 1 million people in Canada took it and had NO adverse reactions I might “consider” it, but not likely. I did the flu shot for a couple years in US years back and it caused more harm than good. I want nothing to do with either of them.

One thing I always say when someone says “I agree with everything you said” is – please don’t. Question me, question everything. My opinion can’t evolve if you just agree with everything I say.

Facebook does not have a Contact Us option. You get their canned responses. You don’t even get AI responses like Wish. You get “Here is your question and here is our reply” Period.

The curfew is coming for Ontario, they’ve learned they have to drag their feet to ease the population into it. Stop cheering fools the curfew is coming.

Previous to 2020 you can find this statistic. Time after time every town that had “flu shot clinics” would have a flu outbreak 3-4 days later, the covid vaccine is no different. It has nothing to do with stopping a virus, it’s a money maker because the MSM was forced into reporting the ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine and after 5 years of it public opinion on flu shots was changing. Big Pharma needed a new virus to sell. Along comes covid.

In recent times we’ve been told that we should always be striving for more in our lives. I remember talking to a friend of mine who was into meditation, etc. She asked how I was feeling one time and I said “I feel content”. She went into a spiel about how I should feel great, better, enthusiastic, whatever. If I am happy feeling “content” with who and what I am and have why is that a bad thing? It’s like you are saying, if it’s out of my control why should I waste my minutes, hours and days worrying about it. Prevent and protect within reason but live your life.

A guy once argued with me that “daylight saving time” was not about energy conservation but was instead created to provide children for a safe daylight walk to school. I explained to him that when the time change became common (early 1900s) that “children” were not in school, 50% of children worked and those kids in school (urban) were not walking to school at 6 in the morning. There are people out there who have no clue of even our recent past because the education system is so polluted with the liberal mentality to erase the past and try to re-write it. I’m surprised we haven’t gone to the idea that humans are only 5,000 years old again just to erase the facts of evolution.

The argument of “bit” vs “satoshi” is ridiculous, what about pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollars? Should we call nickels by another name? It is what it is, just buy it! 🙂 I bought in a set amount I can “afford to lose” and it’s going to sit there. I know the market is going to drop soon and go back up by the end of 2021 so there the money will sit until it hits that high. Then I’ll consider selling it. It’s like a savings account with risk.

The Left can not achieve a Win because they’ve all grown up with Participation awards. They are a generation of prolific underachievers.


we love your videos and if we don’t then we shouldn’t be here 🙂 germany and france are shocked, they should both be scrambling to set up their own blockchain social media in competition to twitter.