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Response to this video, Frank Vaughan #239:

Great to see you are still out there. I totally understand the 'burned out' feeling. I left Twitter, my real name account. I still have it there as a placeholder but I don't use it. I just cancelled my mewe account, which was my backup for screenshots of tweets. I'm still on Facebook, not sure how long that will last. I broke my policy by responding to several political posts so I'm going to spend today scaling back who I follow there. I'm finally starting to re-focus my time on my hobbies and get back into taking and sharing my photography. 2021 won't be the fresh start I'd like but it will be a reset for me personally.

I see what you mean about Twitter though. I'm still using it for Paranormal research. You'd think Twitter would understand that by now. I've even blocked accounts like CTV in order to focus on my hobby. And yet, in my "Trending" feed I'll get a story, I'll click on it and be delivered to a "You have blocked this account" screen. Why the hell did you show me the account then? It's designed to force you to take interest by baiting you with little paid stories in trending.

And sports and entertainment OMFG. I have almost NO interest in celebrities or sports. I never look up sports these days since the whole 'band a knee' to your terrorist masters fiasco and celebrities are useless. I might, like today, look one up for a movie I thought of or want to watch but that's it. But Twitter thinks I spend every waking hour asleep, one of these mindless drones who lives off reality TV and the Super Bowl. I've gotten to the point where, when I go on Twitter, I click "Not interested in this" on the trending story and block accounts in my feed that don't have to do with the paranormal. Seriously Twitter I thought you knew everything about me!

I completely agree with your "get out of your echo chamber" view. When I left Twitter I thought the covid scam would decrease but I see in my day to day world people still believe the hype, people still live in fear of the Covid Boogeyman. We've dragged it into the light, we know it's name and we know how to sensibly avoid it. The idea we should lock down and destroy our economy for something that affects about 5% of the entire population is insane.

I'm reminded of a movie "Arlington Road" starring Jeff Bridges, and applying it to covid (instead of terrorists). We don't know where it really came from (we do, but that's a discussion for another day) or why it did what it has done but at least we know its' name. We live in a world where all people need to feel safe is for someone to say "there is the bad guy and this is his name". Meanwhile their rights and freedoms are taken away with the reasoning that in order to feel safe from the bad guy (covid) we need to do this and this and this. Few question the reasoning behind it, they just do it because someone is telling them "the bad guy is still out there, we will protect you".

Another good movie to watch was "The Siege" with Denzel Washington. An ethnic group held in internment camps all with the excuse of tracking down a couple terrorists lose in the city. Both of these movies could be, with some imagination of course, applied to covid and the government's dictatorial response.

I was discussing covid at work the other day. I have, for the most part, grown wise not to even speak about it at work even though it affects our lives there ever moment. As I said to a co-worker the other day when we talked about the unscientific level of cleaning we have to do. It's the policy. Fine. I'll do it for now just to keep the masters happy. You have to decide what "hill" you want to die on. I told them, if we are asked for mandatory testing, or getting the covid jab just to work then those are the hills I will die on. Those are the times I will take a stand and say enough is really enough. Until then, being paid to waste my time cleaning in some mythical belief I am somehow fighting covid, sure whatever.

There are bigger hills worth dying on. My little acts of resistance are things like: shopping less (not to stop the spread but to break myself of this 'need to have now' mentality our society has evolved into - remember the olden days when we went grocery shopping once every two weeks when we got paid), refusing to listen to the hype (social media, mainstream media, do I really need to hear yet another lie from Trudeau?), and, picking my battles.

If a business around here would take a stand against government tyranny I'd probably support them but too many here are content with the government taking care of them. Of course, I'm one to talk, I work for the big bad evil corporation that's somehow killing small business by being allowed to be open. Did anyone think that the GOVERNMENT had something to do with deciding who stays open and who doesn't? Why is a business evil for wanting to make money and pay tens of thousands of employees? Businesses are not the enemy here, regardless of their size. The enemy is a government who takes away your Charter Rights and Freedoms. The enemy here is a society who allows it to happen.

As for your future videos, I don't think anyone here would be upset if you did two or even just one video a week. It's all about the content not the frequency. Keep up the awesome work, I wish I had your drive and dedication to get the word out.