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RE: Choosing the Battleground

in #politics7 years ago

I'm not against organization at all. The "feeling" you get is only that. In a free society some would choose to live a simple, back-to-nature life, and many would like massively complex, specialized types of commerce and coexistence. As long as it is all VOLUNTARY organization, I don't care.


Thank you for clearing that up. One last thing is our would you prevent violence if some individuals so choose it?

I'm all in favor of DEFENSIVE force, to STOP aggressors. And doing that is legitimate without any badge, "law" or "authority" saying so. And when people don't believe in "government," they don't imagine aggression to be legitimate.

@larkenrose in the interest of Voluntaryism, we should also allow for those who just cannot adjust to real freedom to have a state or a few states around the world, so long as they don't aggress against the freepersons outside their borders, or refuse to allow their Citizens to opt out.

I think they would dwindle and die out over time seeing how things work outside their plantation.

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